Trekking is one of the crucial ticks on the bucket list that most people in a relationship have. This activity allows both individuals to bond and share memories. The more of these you do, the more adventurous you become as a couple! So, it is a no-brainer if your partner asks you out for a trekking trip.

However, not every trip is necessarily a great trip. Because you are getting to know each other, you’d learn a thing or two traits that you like or don’t. Regardless, it is a trip worth taking as it tests and also strengthens your bond with each other.

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Now, let’s get to the part where you can make this trip successful with the tips below.


Go easy first

No matter how avid trekkers you and your partner are – it is ideal to start things easy and slow. It’s because what might seem like a simple task for you might not be so easy for your partner. Another point to remember is that – you’re trekking to know each other first and find that chemistry.

Once you find the balance, it becomes easy for you to up the level for other adventures. As they say, how the journey goes matters more than reaching the destination. Pick a no-so-difficult hike that comes with beautiful scenery once reaching the point.


The light gear

As much as you’d like to add all those extra camping gears to your backpack, refrain from the urge! The lighter your backpack is, the easier your walk will be. Be selective of the items that you pack in the bag. Be considerate of each other too.

Choose the essential items that you need, not the ones that you think you will require. This thumb rule might work while you travel together, but trekking is not the place to weigh yourself down with heavy items. The same goes with packing food too. Edibles with simple ingredients are preferable over those that require a lot of preparation.


Have patience

The quote ”patience is a virtue” comes very useful when hiking. This activity is meant to bring you closer to mother nature and enjoy every bit of the walk with your partner. Unfortunately, many couples consider this one of their boardroom meetings that should end in a given time frame.

Restricting time leads to disappointment. If you have planned other activities with the hike in one day, then drop all the other plans! Trekking with the partner should be only the to-do list for the day. Since it takes you time and energy, relax at a place – take a break.


Final thoughts

Hydrate regularly, and do not forget to take photographs! No other thing can suffice your emotion than looking back at your pictures.



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