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Travel: Touring Los Angeles on a Budget

A vacation can be an exciting time. Most people have several places in mind they would like to see during their lifetime. The cost of a vacation is often a deterrent when planning begins. Many high traffic tourist areas are extremely expensive to visit. By the time you plan transportation and place to stay, there may be little left to see the sights. In the United States, there are several cities that attract visitors in large numbers. Many people dream of exploring Los Angeles, California. It is known for its celebrity population and many popular television shows. It is possible to visit this city on a budget when you plan properly.

Transportation and Accommodations

Transportation to the location and around town is going to be different for everyone. You may live too far away to drive in quickly. Before you begin to fret over airfare, look online for some great deals. You can also travel off season to save on this part of the trip. It may seem a bit old fashioned, however, you can still access many areas of the United States by bus or train. These take longer, but the savings is significant.

Once you get to Los Angeles, you can rent a car to see the sights. You can reach more unique and affordable places by car. The cost of public transportation can add up and may not go to the areas you desire. Plan your days around rush hour traffic. Los Angeles is known to have the worst traffic in the U.S. Sitting in traffic wastes your gas money. You must sleep somewhere, so start early searching for accommodations. Many people forgo traditional hotels and rent a place on Airbnb. If you are the outdoorsy type, there are some beautiful state parks that allow camping. Campsites are often less than $15 dollars a day when you have an annual park pass.

Eating Out

There are plenty of places to enjoy local food on a budget. The city has a plethora of food trucks that all offer something unique. These are the perfect place to stop for a snack between meals. Take one of the most beautiful drives in the world along the Pacific Coast Highway. While you are out and about, take a break with a stop for affordable seafood. Malibu is located on this drive and is the perfect place to stop for lunch. You can enjoy drinks on a night by catching a happy hour at one of the oceanside restaurants, as well. When eating out in L.A. try to stay away from trending restaurants in the center of town. There is no shortage of unique dining establishments.

Things to See

You need to plan to if you want to stick to a budget while seeing some famous local places. There are plenty of things to do for minimal money, and even some free activities. Most of the beaches are free to visit. You can’t visit California without spending a day on one of their famous beaches. Visit a local farmers market or grocery store and pack a lunch to save money. You can also pick up breakfast at an affordable place and head to the beach to watch the sunrise while eating. Venice beach is a great place to people watch hand has an iconic boardwalk.

Santa Monica offers beautiful beachfront scenery and a pier that lights up at night. The aquarium is free for kids under the age of 12. Adult tickets are only five dollars. This is not much to spend for a place you could easily tour for a couple of hours. Santa Monica offers great restaurants, as well. You can splurge on one meal on your day here with out breaking the budget, however. Park away from the pier to save money.

When you are travelling on a budget, you need to avoid the common tourist attractions. This is the best way to get to know a new city. You may find yourself amongst the locals and enjoy some amazing food. Beaches are main attraction in California and usually don’t cost anything. Small local restaurants and markets offer affordable meal options, as well. With a rental car, you can explore some lesser known places and have quite an adventure.

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