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Travel: What to Expect When Going To A Sporting Event In Another Country

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When attending a sporting event in another country, you may notice that there are several differences. Each venue has a security protocol to ensure that all attendees, staff and players are safe. While the general atmosphere will seem familiar, you may still feel a bit out of place. Watch sporting events in another country on television so that you are able to fit in with the locals better.

Native Language Commentators

Commentators, referees and vendors will all speak the native language. It is ideal to learn that language so that you can keep up with the commentary and carry on a conversation with locals or vendors. You can take classes to learn the native language at cursosdeinglesdublin.es, for example.

The lessons are simple and teach you the basics first. You will have a good grasp on the native language and be able to speak simple sentences at the very least.

Native Language Signage

Some countries offer signage in their native language with English under it. This is not always the case, so learning the language to read the signs is a must. It is terrible to get lost and not know where you are in a sports arena when you just want to enjoy the game.

Study the basic signs that will be posted at the arena the event is taking place in. This will help you navigate to the right section and know what general direction you are walking in to find your seats, concessions and restrooms.

Regional Cuisine Offerings

You may find some locations with International cuisine. For the most part, the food offerings will be local and regional fare. Most venues will list their concession vendors and their menus online. You can view the items ahead of time so that you know what will be available along with the pricing of items.

Once you have seen the menu, you will know whether you prefer to eat before/after the game or at the sports complex.

Taunting and Chanting

Taunting and chanting from the fans is expected at any sporting event, regardless of where in the world it is held. It is a good idea to know the native language so that you understand the taunts and chants being spoken. This will help you understand if the crowd is supporting their team, berating the opposition or simply trying to push their team to play harder.

Venue Security

Security has stiffened worldwide. With many attacks on mass crowds, security staff at major sporting events always remains on high alert. You may be required to walk through a metal detector, have your bag searched or walk through an x-ray machine to ensure that you do not have anything dangerous on your person.

The sporting event itself should be enough to keep your attention. As long as you understand the rules of the sport, you will enjoy yourself. Make yourself as educated as possible regarding policies, sports rules and the language so that you have a complete experience and feel like one of the locals yourself.

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