Trumpcare to take place of ObamaCare
Paul Ryan - Speaker of the House

A few days ago, the House of Representatives took the first step to installing a new health care system. Passing what they are calling Trumpcare. This is the new health care system to replace the Affordable Care Act or also known as Obamacare. The next step is to present the bill to the Senate.

I am fortunate to have healthcare and this will not affect me at all. However, I was looking at the list of conditions that they have deemed to be pre-existing. It seems that they pretty much rattled off every disease and condition around. They are claiming that if you have one of the listed conditions, then you are not eligible for Trumpcare. The Washington Post had some interesting numbers on who this will be affecting

They are claiming that approximately 15 million will lose coverage over the next ten years. If they pass the bill, we could see roughly a 6 million loss from public exchange, 2 million from employer coverage, and 7 million from those covered by Medicaid. Another number they found out was six to ten million people could lose health care by 2024. This was from two to 4 million losing coverage from the exchange and 4 to 6 million losing under Medicaid.

They also found out that 24 million people who were under Obamacare could be without health care by 2021. If the passing of Trumpcare repeals Obamacare, there could be a large amount affected by this. They are predicting this number because of the rescinding expansion of Medicaid. The final number that the Washington Post talked about is that we could see 18 million lose coverage within the first year.

So pretty much, we could be seeing many people without health care if they pass this. What I am failing to understand with this whole thing is whom does it benefit. The Mayo clinic did a study a few weeks ago and found out that roughly 2.7% of Americans live a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is safe to say that the only people who will truly benefit from this bill are the ones who are in the 1% tile who can afford to pay the doctor out of pocket and not see it affect them.

If this bill gets past the Senate floor and Donald Trump signs it, it will fall in line with everything he has done since he been in office. He finds ways to benefit himself and the one percent tile. However, the way he goes about doing this by screwing over the middle and lower class. Last, I checked, those are what make-up America.


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