In most smartphones, videos available in any format can be watched. But some devices are there where you can play only a specific video format.

In such an instance, it becomes upsetting as you don’t know what to do. In case you come across any such videos that you cannot play on your phone because of the file format, you can opt for file compression. Thus, look out for a reliable compress video online tool and start compressing the videos in the required formats. The file formats supported by a top-quality video compressing tool are:

  • MP4

MP4 or MPEG-4 Part 14 is one of the popular and easiest digital video file formats. Launched in 2001, and many devices support MP4 videos, which is why it is known as a universal format. Not only MP4 format can store video files, but also images, audios, text, etc. MP4 video files consume less space and if you have received a file in a different format and want to convert in MP4 format, go ahead with a brilliant compressing tool.

  • WMV

Created by Microsoft, and it is a format used in Windows Media Players. It provides a better file size, which is lesser than MP4. That’s the reason; it is one of the preferred formats that viewers prefer. You can use a suitable platform to compress the video in the desired format as you like.

  • MOV

MOV is a popular video format, mainly used by Apple device users. It’s because MOV is created by Apple and supports QuickTime players. Different types of files contained in MOV format are timecodes, audio, subtitles, along with videos. Also, it is said that the MOV format is supported in Windows and Mac as well. But a point that everybody specifies about MOV file format is it consumes a lot of space. Therefore, you can convert the MOV videos into different formats if you wish to.

  • FLV

FLV is usually used by Adobe Flash Player and is a versatile and the most popular format. Mainly, the videos downloaded from YouTube are in FLV formats. That’s why; many people start complaining as they cannot watch the video on their phone as FLV is not supported. FLV has a relatively smaller file size and if it’s not compatible with your device, compress the videos.

  • WebM

WebM is an open-source format and introduced in 2010 by Google. The video format is created by keeping the present state of the internet into consideration. Video files when converted in WebM format require lesser space. In this aspect, if you are planning to reduce the file format in WebM, it would be a great option. WebM allows you to watch online videos on every device, like smart TV, desktop, smartphones, tablets, etc.

  • AVI

Microsoft introduced the AVI file format in 1982, and since then, it is used by a lot of people. But many people have found that it consumes a lot of space for even a small video. With that, it becomes a bit difficult to store more videos as you do not have enough space. In this instance, use a high-quality video compressor and compress the files. Once you are done, you can see that the space available on your phone has also increased, which is why you can store more videos now.

  • MKV

In MKV file format, you can incorporate video, audio, and subtitles in a single file. It is an excellent format and supports both audio and video formats. Suppose you have received a video from your client in AVI format and your device plays only MKV format tools; what are you supposed to do? Well, don’t stress much, as with the help of a multi-skilled platform, you can convert the file in MKV format. With that, your video becomes easy to use and highly adaptive.

Now, as you have known the various file formats supported by a high-profile video compressor, you would want to know the name? Well, it’s none other than Wondershare Uniconvertor. It is an excellent platform, and the process to use the software is simple. Most importantly, you do not need to perform ten steps to complete the process, an important thing. Now that you have known the name of the video compressor, let’s talk about the process. Once you understand the process, you can start using it at the earliest.

  • Open the video compressor.

First, open your system and the video compressor and complete the downloading and installation process. Once it’s done, move to the main video, and search for a video compressor.

  • Loading video files

After that, you can start loading the files by proceeding to the document icon or the “+” sign. Add all the files that you wish to compress in a particular format.

  • Make necessary changes

Well, it is an additional step, which if you do not want, you can ignore. In this step, you can change the video size, compressing format style, etc. Once you have made the necessary changes, you can click on the “preview” button and check if everything is as per your specifications.

  • Click on “compress”

Once you have completed the above steps, click on the compress button, and wait for the process to get over. After completion of the process, select the location where you wish to save the file. In case you do not want to download the file now, you can save it in “dropbox”. As a result, you can download the file in the future whenever you need it.

Start using a video compressor!

In the market, you will come across tons of video compressors. But there is a thin line difference between the best and a normal video compressor. If you would like to resize the video without destroying the quality, there is nothing better than Wondershare Uniconvertor. To sum up, it’s essential to choose an excellent and brilliant video compressor. Well, it would be worth giving it a try, and you can use it on both Android and iOS devices.


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