Well, what is the whole truth about these reusable bags! Reusable bags are much heavier and more durable bags made to last long. Reusable bags are made of eco- friendly material that lasts longer and are reused over and over again.

These reusable bags are made from a fabric which is made of either canvas or the natural fabrics like jute, which is more durable and allows people to have multiple uses. So if you are planning to buy them and want to make a bulk purchase, go and visit, IceGreen’s website, a leading international manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of reusable bags and other environmentally responsible packaging solutions, including reusable drinkware, thermal bags, paper bags, wine bags, and e-commerce custom packaging.

Types of bags & bag materials?

There are a lot of bags available in the market with different material, different advantages and also with unique features. The types of bags offered are:

  • Ecological bags
  • Thermal bags
  • Paper bags
  • Reusable drinkware
  • Recycling Carts

A material used to make these types of bags are:

  • Cotton
  • Canvas
  • Jute
  • Hemp
  • Synthetic fabric

There are also “petroleum-based” fabric bags available in the market such as nylon and polyester.

Benefits of using these bags:

  • Hygiene- When it comes to cleanliness, reusable bags serve us with an option to wash them when needed. Most reusable bags can be machine washed on the gentle cycle. For instance, if your grocery items have leaked in the bag, a fast wash can return the bag back to as it was.
  • Ecosystem- The increase in the use of plastic bags is truly harmful in our ecosystem. As you know plastic bags are so light, so they could also end up landing in a negative way which automatically harms our surroundings. These causes are highly affecting the marine creatures. So, it is suggested to shift from plastic to paper bags for green and clean surroundings.
  • Durability- These bags are made from a strong material and have an inbuilt endurance capability. Also, these bags can retain their quality after an extended period of time as the material used to make them is more durable and strong to enhance its durability. Just a minor attempt to shift from plastic to paper bags is all that the ecosystem needs.
  • Eco-friendly- These reusable bags are eco-friendly bags as well made from either paper or material that are designed to be used again and again. Unlike plastic bags, a single usage – this is one of the most significant advantages of these bags, also this method can save your cash as you don’t have to buy them every time you go to the store.

If a single use from plastic to paper or reusable bags can help you protect the whole environment, then would you make that choice?

Obviously, YES! Why?

Because using these bags have a lot of advantages to the ecological unit which is the first great step to move forward! When a reusable bag is to be made, it requires more energy than a plastic sack. But using a recycled bag, once for a week is far better than using 52 plastic bags per year.

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