Andy Khawaja

Andy Khawaja began his professional career in the retail industry, where he identified a need in the market for a gateway to cyber security at a time when the number of internet users was rapidly increasing. And, to find a solution to this issue, he decided to become an entrepreneur and establish Allied Wallet, which is still in operation today. The entrepreneur, who is now recognized as one of the e-commerce industry’s kingpins, has been working around the clock with his team to develop codes, expand the company’s market presence, and, most importantly, make a difference in e-commerce industry.

Andy Khawaja, the founder, and CEO of Allied Wallet, recently spoke with The Silicon Review magazine about how his concept to establish a place where sensitive data could be safely stored changed e-commerce.

Since 2005, Andy Khawaja, an international payments mogul who is well-known worldwide for his commitment to online security and philanthropy, has developed what is widely considered the most innovative system for processing and protecting payments worldwide. This system includes the original concept for the “cloud system,” developed by Andy Khawaja.

Over a decade ago, his relentless efforts to guarantee that data were secured resulted in his conception of the “cloud.” With the assistance of his in-house team at Allied Wallet, this concept was quickly implemented. Silicon Review hailed him as the “inventor of cloud storage” for his virtual wallet. He continues to bring innovation and better security to customers and merchants all around the globe via his work with Bitcoin.

On the cover of Silicon Review, CEO Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet was profiled in a story titled, “The Creator of the Virtual Wallet, and Eventually the Cloud.” Andy Khawaja is the CEO of Allied Wallet, a prominent worldwide supplier of online credit card processing.
Andy Khawaja, the CEO of Allied Wallet, has been featured in many newspapers worldwide for his contributions to technical development, his best-rated business practices, and his humanitarian activities, among other things.

This month’s edition of the Silicon Review features Andy Khawaja, who is described as a “kingpin of the e-commerce sector,” as well as a pioneer in the “cloud” computing movement.

Andy Khawaja developed a service model over a decade ago. He started monitoring, backing up, and keeping safe, private data that was accessible via a certified, PCI Level 1 protected system – this would serve as the foundation for his payment gateway services. This was no little accomplishment.

Bringing a powerful payment gateway to life and putting together a top-notch team to materialize his vision, and he won.
In addition, Andy Khawaja’s contributions to technology allowed their firm to provide cutting-edge online payment services for websites while also protecting payments made by both online consumers and business owners.

A worldwide revolution in technology was triggered by Andy Khawaja’s vision and influence, which cleared the way for e-commerce entrepreneurs and service providers all over the world.

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