Drug and alcohol consumption have increased over the years due to immense work pressure and other problems in the personal as well as professional lives of the people which they are unable to cope up. Drugs and alcohol can be injurious to health as it has been proven that it damages the nervous system of our body and also our liver.

Thus, with time, it has often been seen that drug and alcohol addicts face a lot of problems both physical and mental because of the reverse effects of these drugs.


Rehabs are places where an addict can be taken for treatment. Drug Rehab Centers in manchester not only treat the drug addicts and cure them completely but also take care that they do not start taking drugs or alcohol as soon as they are discharged. It is difficult to take care of a drug addict at home with his or her family members because of the animalistic behavior of the addict which family members often have to face.

Rehabs have trained nurses to take care of the addicts and that is definitely more beneficial. Apart from taking proper care of the addicts making sure that they do not take drugs anymore, rehabs have trained doctors to treat these patients with necessary medicines as and when needed.

What leads to drug addiction?

Through a number of research and other tools, it is said that there is no particular reason that leads to addiction. Of course it is often seen that frustration is a major cause for addiction. Also, addiction does not come in one day, it comes over gradually and reaches an extent where you cannot give up taking that drug because you body is extremely habituated to that drug and might malfunction otherwise.

It has often been found through surveys that the number of addicts in slums and among the poor is slightly more.

This has a very scientific reason. Most drugs affect the person’s nervous system and hence reduces the person’s feeling towards any external phenomenon. Thus taking drugs help them to forget all the miseries and sufferings of living in a slum or being poor in general.

There have also been cases, where people started taking drugs just for fun or in order to get a taste of it for once which gradually led to an addiction unintentionally. This kind of addiction in general is more dangerous as the person himself is unaware of the fact that he is an addict.

Why rehabs?

Over the years, the number of rehabs has increased and people treating addicts at their homes have reduced considerably. The increase in demand for rehabs has increased over the years because of their success rate.

1- Success Rate-

Rehabs have been successful in curing a number of patients that were admitted and helped them to lead a better life with their families. The success rate of treatment in rehabs has shown a remarkable growth.

2- Home Remedies are not effective

Home remedies and treatment have lost importance because of increased complications in the type of drugs that are being used these days. Thus, Rehabs are the best place to treat drug addicts.

3- Better Environment

Rehabs have the correct environment to treat the patients and make them feel better. The trained nurses and doctors make the patients follow a strict routine with proper diet and meditation that is extremely important. It is also very necessary for the patient to move out of the suffocating place where he resides that had led to the development of the addiction and this is possible only in rehabs. There are plenty of rehabs in every country catering to the need of patients. Rehabs provide better environment that a patient would get anywhere else.

4- Treatment of any abnormality

There is another benefit of rehabs they not only treat addicts but anyone, who is suffering from any abnormality.

Thus we see with the increase in the number of addicts and the types of addiction, it is very important to know how these addicts can be treated so that they can have a better future and lead a better and normal life after their treatment. Thus it is through love and care that addicts can be cured.

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