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Wellness: Recognizing Signs of Meth Addiction

We live in a society where many drugs are, unfortunately, all too available for young and impressionable individuals to try. Addiction is a growing epidemic and we recognize that there is a need for more education and information to be spread regarding this disease.

One of the most addictive drugs is methamphetamine and its consumption rates have grown exponentially in recent years. To provide information on this highly addictive substance, we have created a list showing some of the most common signs of meth addiction.

Short Term Signs

Meth is a highly potent drug and can cause many drastic symptoms that can manifest almost immediately after an individual takes the drug.

Meth will cause an increased or irregular heart rate in the individual in response to the instant high caused by the drug. Consumption of this substance causes peak levels of energy and incredibly high rates of insomnia while the drug is still in the system.

The drug is infamous for messing with dopamine levels in the brain and causes high levels of discomfort as the high from the substance wears off. Rapid tremors and shakes are common effects of the drug and may last for days after it was taken.

Long Term Signs

The more dangerous aspects of the addiction come out when looking at what meth can do to the body over an extended period of time.

Meth can stay in a person’s system for up to 10 days, though the effects of the drug can lead to lifelong battles. Depressive and aggressive behavior can come out in addicts and is often unexplained or unprovoked.

Other health issues are likely, including weight loss, bone frailty, and permanent damage to brain function and activity. The development of mental illness is also quite likely because of the effects on the brain. Hallucinations and psychosis are standard results of taking this drug.

Another issue with the drug comes from the fact that individuals usually experience their greatest high during their first encounter with meth. It is thought that the brain alters its functioning to cope with the influx of this stimulant which provides a high unique to the first time only that a person uses it. This means that users will likely experiment with larger doses to combat any tolerance that was developed, to get the same high they did initially. Doing this puts their bodies at greater risk of an overdose or other severe consequences that can come from taking high doses of the drug.

While some of these symptoms can be treated or helped by medication, others are lasting and will require some serious attention to achieve a full recovery.

Methods to Combat an Addiction

In sharing the signs and symptoms of using meth, we hope to show that this drug is very serious and can inflict massive damages to anyone who tries it. Because of its make up, addiction is not only possible but very likely to happen.

If you or anyone you know uses meth, the likelihood that an addiction has already developed is very high. This drug does not discriminate and a quick identification of the problem can mean the difference between life and death for anyone using it.

There are numerous inpatient facilities offered to help those battling this addiction, as well as therapies and other natural measures that can detox the patient of any dependency on the drug.

The bottom line is that meth is incredibly dangerous. You should always know the risks of taking any substance before trying it and be prepared for the consequences of your choice to last a lifetime.

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