By David Fenton

Conveyor machines are equipment that are mainly used in transporting or shifting materials from one place to another.

For having proper Conveyor equipment, you should have a proper table top Conveyor. The table tops are made up of various materials and are used in several ways. Depending on the different types of usage of the Conveyor, you can choose the table tops that you require.

Types of Table Top Conveyor

Table top Conveyor can be of various types based on a few factors. The various factors can be the material of the top, the size of the top and the purpose of its use. On basis of the material of Conveyor, the table tops can be of aluminum, stainless steel, steel and thermoplastic. Though the Conveyor is of various material types, but today the most commonly used material is that of thermoplastic.

Again, depending on the configuration of the Conveyors, it can be horizontal, compact, modular and curved. Different types of these Conveyor options can be available depending on the use of the Conveyors such as beverage, food packaging, personal care, automotive, consumer packaging, pharmaceutical, medical or electronics.

Thus, depending upon the type, the table top Conveyor can be selected so that it can work smoothly for the purpose.

Features of The Thermoplastic Table Top Conveyor

As mentioned before, among various material types, the most commonly used table top Conveyor material is thermoplastic. At present, there are many reasons why thermoplastic is considered the most commonly used material for the Conveyor.

Some of the reasons among the many for using thermoplastic table top Conveyor are as the following:

  • Either stainless steel or carbon steel construction,
  • Side flexing and straight running applications,
  • Decline, incline or horizontal,
  • Chain widths that are available are 3-1/4” to 12”,
  • Fixed or adjustable guiderails,
  • Flat stainless steel or roller dead plates for transfers from end to end,
  • Closed top constructions for better hygiene,
  • Side transfer with the option of flush mounted bearings and hardware.

Benefits of Table Top Conveyor

Table top Conveyor is often used to get a smooth and efficient operation in the organization.

There can be various table tops with different designs and styles which is based on what is the actual use of the Conveyor. Though the benefit of the Conveyor is obvious and that is, the shifting or transferring of objects and good from one place to another.

Apart from this activity, there are also many other benefits, that the Conveyor offers.

  • The legs allow smooth movement and the leveler is great in providing support during movement,
  • It allows straight running movement but also at times it offers other movements such as side flexing,
  • The bearing is of stainless steel for easy handling,
  • The motor and gearbox combination allows direct drive of the Conveyor,
  • The plastic table top Conveyor offers different frequency speeds.

Thus, though all types of Conveyor offer a huge number of benefits to the users, but the plastic Conveyor has its own benefits for which it has become famous.

While buying table top Conveyor, it must be understood that there can be a huge number of variations available such as the material, the type, the belt type and many others.

The purchase of the Conveyor thus should be done based on the need and requirement of the user.

The basic function though remains the same, but the Conveyor work changes based on the industry type such as pharmaceutical or bakery or food or anything else. Also, it depends on the operation to be conducted such as labeling, packing and others.

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