In recent times CBD oil has been getting lots of positive press as thousands of people have discovered it is a useful way to positively manage various health conditions without any side effects such as the high, potential for addiction, paranoia and disturbed sleep marijuana users may experience.

However, there’s now another new kid on the block – the hemp flower. Here we look at what hemp flowers are, how they work, and the ways people are reporting the CBD from this newly rated member of the hemp family is helping them achieve better health.

A brief overview of hemp flowers

Also referred to as ‘buds’, hemp flowers are bred to produce a plant with none of the THC compound which is responsible for the psychoactive effect of weed, while containing generous amounts of CBD and terpenes, (two compounds with positive benefits). Hemp buds may look and smell very similar to cannabis buds but they are nothing alike otherwise.

More about CBD

As this isn’t a science lesson let’s keep it simple – CBD is a molecule which when derived from hemp has no ability to make users high, instead it is all about providing therapeutic benefits.

Who does or should use CBD hemp flower products?

There are two main groups of people who choose to incorporate CBD rich hemp flower products into their regular lifestyles – those who are forward thinking and taking precautions to maintain their current level of health in a proactive way, and the larger percentage who have discovered the benefits for existing health concerns and conditions which CDB hemp flower can offer. Let’s look at those in more detail.

How to be healthy

It’s no secret that the cornerstones of good health include quality sleep, avoiding stress, eating a variety of low sugar foods, not carrying too much excess weight, and taking a reasonable amount of exercise. Unfortunately for some people achieving all or even some of these ideals is problematic; which is when CBD hemp flower can be a useful tool. Here’s how

Pain management

CBD hemp flower can be a great aid in both reducing inflammation and helping to control pain, which has allowed many people living with chronic conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia to lessen their pain, regain some mobility and enjoy a better quality of life.


Another way the CBD compound in hemp flower works is as an anxiolytic – or an anxiety buster. Anxiety has many forms and affects a huge number of people, so this is a really useful option for those people to try.

Risk reduction

Some people also claim that CBD from hemp flowers is a powerful anti-proliferative – a medical term which means something can discourage tumorous cells from growing and spreading.

Helpful for other conditions

Some people swear that CBD hemp flower products have a positive effect on their brain which really helps them control long term conditions such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

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