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Dental Economics: 5 Ways On How To Make Your Dental Practice More Profitable

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Dentistry is a very competitive and tough business to excel in. A lot of dental professionals in the past years find it hard to become profitable. Even the most clever dentists have difficulties when talking about profitability. They are wondering how to earn when overhead is rising and insurance reimbursement is falling.

Dental professionals may adopt some strategies to increase their revenues, cut down their expenses and earn more profits from their field. These include providing an array of payment options, offering unique treatments, and growing the number of their loyal clients. If you are in this field, here are five ways that might help you achieve a soaring profit.

Be Unique and Specialized a Niche

Differentiate yourself from other dental clinics and create an organized marketing plan to become unique. You can offer a wider range of dental care treatments for your clients or specialize a dental procedure and be known as ‘the dentist’ for that service in your region.

Whatever you plan to do, aim to make the patients feel that your dental services offer something that they can’t get at other dental clinics. When you can create such an impression, you can attract more people to become your regular customer and increase your revenue.

Add High-Profit Dental Procedures

Another secret to becoming more profitable in the world of dentistry is by adding high-profit dental procedures that can meet the needs of the patients.

For example, dental clinics such as Beach Braces and other establishments which offers more expensive treatments such as lingual braces, Invisalign, and self-ligating braces achieve a higher profit margin for their practice compared to others who only offers traditional braces.

Offer a Wider Range of Payment Options

Providing payment options such as debit cards, credit cards, cheque, online transfer, and so on can help build rapport with your patients. When you offer a wide array of payment options for your customers, they’ll be more comfortable to accept additional treatments you recommended and return for ongoing dental care.

If possible, you can get an arrangement with a finance company so that you can offer them high-cost treatment with a monthly payment option.

Grow Your Book of Patients Through Referrals

One of the best ways to increase the number of your patients is to have your existing customers refer their family, friends, and acquaintances to your clinic. To make this possible, you should make satisfied with your services. If they feel good after the treatment, they can put their trust in your clinic and recommend it to their family members and friends.

Another way to increase your patients’ number is to ask doctors from other fields to recommend your clinic to their clients who need dental care. For example, you can have an agreement with a skin care specialist to refer your dental clinic in case their client is looking for a good dentist, in exchange you can recommend their services to your patients who want to undergo skin care treatments.

Have an Easy Scheduling Process

To create a good impression to your clients, make the scheduling process easy for them. It is vital especially for new patients who want to try your services. If they find it hard to have an appointment with you, they might look for other clinics which can provide an easier process.

Aside from a telephone appointment option, you can let your clients schedule their appointments online. Sign up to a company who offers online scheduling services for an affordable monthly fee, and let your patients schedule consultations with you at their convenience.


Dental marketing strategies such as the ways listed above work together in different ways to increase the number of your patients and can be very effective in making your dental practice more profitable.

If your dental clinic provides better accommodation, unique services, and satisfying result for your treatments, you can gain not only a high-profit margin but also the trust and loyalty of your patients. If the number of your satisfied client is growing, your profit will definitely soar high.

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