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What if Alabama Crimson Tide and Cleveland Browns were to swap places?

There are certain teams that do not belong on the field against any competition. The Alabama Crimson Tide are one of those teams. The College Game is not suited for them and it’s been that obvious since the start of the 2016 season. The Tide just rolled over Texas A&M Saturday afternoon in what was billed as the Game of the Week but it turned more into the mistake of the week. For the first half and the first few minutes of the 3rd quarter it looked as if the Tide may have finally met a worthy opponent but then, talent took over.

As I watched I asked myself what would happen if the NFL and NCAA would come to a truce and swapped programs? The NFL would receive Alabama for a week and CFB would get the Cleveland Browns. It seems like a fair trade considering that the Tide are light years ahead of any team in college and the Browns are 10 steps behind any pro team. So why not? What’s the worst that could happen?

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The Browns have an average team, but the lack of experience has killed them this year. Heading into week 7 they are 0-6, but there are very few bright spots on the team. The Browns began the year with Robert Griffin as their starters but an early season injury put a cramp in the new direction. Under center now is Cody Kessler who, despite being winless has shown poise for a rookie QB in a tough situation. On the other side, the Tide has a freshman, Jalen Hurts leading the way and proving that he is way capable of leading them to another title. Hurts may not be your typical gunslinger but he has managed to lead the defending champs to an undefeated season so far.

But, would each team continue to dominate if they were to switch?

Most would say this should be easy for the Browns playing against a bunch of kids. But how true would that statement be? Kessler is just a few games removed from college himself but if you were to put him against the rest of the Tide’s remaining opponent the Brown may win out but it will not be as easy as some think. Isiah Crowell may have a field day against the likes of Mississippi State and Chattanooga but he will still have to face Auburn and LSU.

The Tide will face the Jets, Bengals, Cowboys, Giants and a few more but neither team screams automatic loss for the Tide. If Hurts can continue to get production from his skill players like Damien Harris, Bo Scarbrough, Calvin Ridley and Ardaruis Stewart they will more than make each game competitive.

The Tide have one of, if not the best defense n the nation and going up against the likes of Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, A.J. Green and Odell Beckham will put no fear in their hearts. They have seen the best pay and this will be another challenge. I now this won’t happen but every college fan has imagined what it would be like to see their favorite team face an NFL opponent and wonder what the outcome would be like.

The Browns and Tide are clearly two teams on different paths but the excitement would be out of this world. The NCAA has thrown everything they could at Alabama with that scheduled and every week they chop down the competition. The NFL has to be looking at the Browns and thinking, “this might work”?

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