The government has made three separate provisions to file income tax return online. The first method is to download the applicable Income Tax utility in Java or Excel format from the official website of the tax department. The second method is to input the relevant data straight away in the online form and submit it. And lastly, you can go to an authorized tax return official to make them do the tax return.

What are the advantages of filing individual tax return online?

The second method is available online and different sites can help you in filing the individual tax return online and also make it convenient for you.

The benefits of filing individual tax return online are as follow.

  • Do it yourself: It does not require you to go to other people to get the work done. As filing taxes is something that every individual has to do for the better part of his or her life, it is only fair to assume that you would want to learn to do it yourself, as it would mean that you would not have to pay money to some third party to do it for you.
  • Refund: If you use Pay as you go (PAYG) policy or are eligible for one or the other refund, then using the online method ensures that you get the return in the fastest time possible. Normally, asking an agent or doing it on paper takes time and couriering the material further delays the process, whereas doing it online updates the system almost immediately and any actions that they need to take are also done quickly which means that if you are eligible for refund, you will get it in a few working days.
  • Environmentally sound: This method does not need transportation of the courier and does not require you to use paper. Usage of papers that are made out of trees is reduced and the gases emitted by the vehicles during transportation are also reduced. These two factors help in reducing the waste and harmful gases in the environment and if enough people do it, this method can make a change in the environmental condition of the world.
  • Automatic data putting: Once you have provided certain information, other information would be put by the system itself. This reduces the chance of human error and hence can be very beneficial for the individual who fills tax return online.
  • Helpful messages: When filing an individual tax return online, a set of helpful messages pops up to make the process easier. This gives the individual a clear picture of what is asked and how every aspect of the form can be covered,
  • Easy to rectify: Last but not the least, the benefit of filing an individual tax return online is that it is very easy to rectify any mistake. Unlike other methods, where you might need to visit the agent or get several printouts in case you make an error in a few of them, here you can just backtrack and see if you have made any mistake and take care of it online. This ensures that you get the form right without having to go through an ordeal.

To sum up, individuals who do tax return online are saving themselves from a lot of trouble. In the era of technology, where security is abundant, it is the way to go. From the convenience of your home, you can fill this form using the online method. And most importantly, in case of hurry or delay, it is the best way to go.

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