What Is Required In Order To Run

Running is a pretty simple pursuit, however it can be made a lot easier with the right gear. Here are some tips on what to get to make things easier and more enjoyable. 

Equipment Requirements

What is needed in order to run? It’s really as simple as a pair of athletic shorts, a shirt, and a pair of shoes. Women runners will want to have a high-quality sports bra. Do you need to buy the most expensive running gear? Not at all. It is possible to start running with any shoes that are comfortable and any clothing that fits comfortably. Check out the Orthotic Shop for great fitting running shoes.

After running becomes more familiar to you, it may be wise to buy some higher-end running clothes made of breathable fabric and that have integrated underwear that is not made of cotton so that chafing is not a concern. Running shirts made of tech material can also be a great idea. Those who reside in colder climates will want breathable over-clothing for warmth. Those who live in tropical zones will not require such items.

Quality running shoes should be a priority once you become a more regular runner. In fact, shoes are the most vital equipment, as they can make this kind of exercise far more comfortable and keep injuries at bay. The key is to visit a speciality running shop where the staff are able to assess your running style and fit you for the proper product, no matter if you are a supinator, overpronator, or a neutral runner. Make sure they actually observe your running style so that they can determine the perfect fit. If they are unwilling to do this, find a different shop or conduct your own research so that you don’t make a mistake with shoes.

Some other elements that might be worth considering include:

Flashing lights or reflective material for nighttime running.

Vaseline or Body Glide in order to prevent chafing on the legs, underarms, or elsewhere. This is particularly necessary on longer runs.

Heart rate monitors, particularly those by Polar, are great for keeping tabs on your exercise as you become a more advanced runner. Models that incorporate GPS can be especially useful.

Music players can also be helpful for longer runs, as tunes often provide the motivation needed to keep pushing when fatigue sets in. When running on roads, however, it is important to be careful of traffic that you might not hear if you have headphones in.

A Camelback water reservoir or fuel belt can also be ideal for maintaining hydration on especially long runs. While these are not needed for shorter jaunts, they are helpful to many. It is also possible to plan in advance for a long journey and place water bottles at various spots along your intended course.


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