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What Is Spotted Gum Timber Cladding And How It Is Greatly Saleable?

Timber is one of the most sought after options when it comes to household flooring now-a-days. Not only timber gives your house a timeless appeal, but it also increases its resale value for being highly durable. Once installed, the timber cladding will require very low maintenance and will sustain for generations. With a timber cladding, you are very unlikely to face issues like wear and tear and slow decay. Spotted gum timber comes from the milieu of timber cladding which is made of high-quality indigenous hardwood. This type of wood is less costly and it requires hassle-free maintenance.

Spotted Gum Timber Cladding
Spotted Gum Timber Cladding

Why spotted gum timber cladding is as popular?

Spotted gum timber cladding has emerged into popularity mainly for its durability. This kind of timber cladding has longer life expectancy with the lowest of maintenance. Originated from Australia, this is a kind of native hardwood timber which is then transformed into the hard quality and decay resistant timber through various advanced technologies. This variety of wood is also exported to major countries like USA and UK for its huge demand in the furniture market. It adds more sustainability for the outdoor or the external areas of your house. The spotted gum timber cladding for sale is inundated with different patterns, colour choices and external coating variegation.

Why is this variety of wood more popular now among homeowners and architects?

Spotted gum timber cladding is a popular choice among both architects and homeowners because these have a granular structure with a tangential cutting. The best part about the spotted gum timber for sale is that any homeowner can customize them according to their requirement in case they are roping in a professional timber cutting expert. Due to the granular structure in the spotted gum timber cladding for sale, the requirement for inter-locking emerges which ensures a compact design and supreme strength at that. The spotted gum timber cladding for sale looks way attractive than other contemporaries for having ‘fiddleback’ structure.

What are the cladding materials that are prepared from spotted gum timber cladding?

 The spotted gum timber cladding parades you with many options to choose from pertaining to your different requirements. The eco-friendly feature that spotted gum timber cladding comes with, has the most draw among the buyers.

Here are the different kinds of products that are made from spotted gum timber cladding

 Cladding sheets: apart from the flooring options, spotted gum timber can cut to make cladding sheets that raise a resistance barrier against the adversities of weather. Cladding sheets have the best applicability in thermal insulation specially designed for commercial purposes.

Wood cladding: Wood cladding is a great option to protect your house from adverse weather conditions. It can withstand high wind and other harmful effects of the weather thus keeping your house safe and timeless. The wood claddings that are developed from spotted gum timber are highly durable and blend well with both your interior and exterior. These wood claddings made from spotted gum timber also have high thermal insulation capacities that work to reduce your energy bills.

Decking: Deck is a flat surface that can withstand a lot of weight. The decking prepared from spotted gum timber cladding can bring a fresh and sophisticated appeal in your terrace or construct outdoors.

Spotted Gum Timber Cladding
Spotted Gum Timber Cladding

Spotted gum timber cladding is timeless, energy-efficient, eco-friendly and a very affordable option for the homeowners who are looking at sophistication and durability together. Now even from the small-scale industries to more eco-friendly houses, hotels and tourist homes and cottages are making use of furniture made of spotted timber wood. It is mainly used for railings, poles and posts, and the sapwood might sometimes be susceptible to insects like termites.

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