Drum machines are a similar electronic musical instrument as a drum set but one can program their own rhythms or percussion sounds by using those machines.

It has a ton of customizable features for the output of any electronic drum kits which also including syncing different types of musical instruments perfectly to give flawless outcomes to the audience, mainly in the live musical performance on stage.

Prerecorded samples can also be played by those drum machines while rehearsals or for the beginners as well.

However, when it comes to buying the proper drum machine set, following the real-time buying guide in electronic drum guy can be helpful and productive equally.

Importance of electronic drum machine

If you are in a live performance on a stage with all your equipment than a drum machine can be highly productive to bring out the perfect required music without any kind of delay or miss in the sink. Some incredible benefits of the drum machine in the real-time applications are

 Integration of several electronic instruments and accessories of the drum set is made possible with the use of drum machines.
 Percussion sounds which are quite essential in rock, pop, jazz, and hip hop music can be produced from those machines which enhance the quality of the music.
 Acoustic sounds that are produced from the traditional drums can also be made from the machine with the same beats in the drum pads.
 The sound output from the drum machines can be connected to a keyboard amp or a PA system to use in the live music performance for various kinds of music outcomes.

The best electronic drum machines

 Roland AIRA Rhythm Performer (TR-8S0): – 

Professional drummers were waiting for such an advanced drum machine that has all incredible as well as favorable tweaks to enhance their skills to a whole new level. This TR-8S model of Roland AIRA Rhythm performer is one such kind of drum machine with sleek designs and tons of incredible features as well.

Whether it comes to percussion tuned effects or an advanced sequencer with all incredible features and customizable options, the Roland TR-8S model leads every other competitor in the market with distinction. Velocity-sensitive performance pads accompanied with the 16 buttons to add required accents is also a compelling feature of this machine.

 Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine

Drum brute model from Arturia is one of the all in one power-packed drum machine that almost all drummers crave for. Fully analog percussion sounds and instruments which are complemented with the sequencer can altogether make the most highlighting features of the advanced and latest drum machine set that most drummers are fond of. Steiner –Parker filter, 64 steps, and pattern sequencing are also the most appealing features of this model of drum machine at a cost-effective price.

 Alesis SR 18 Drum Machine

Being the most renowned and popular brand, Alesis model of the drum machine is probably the best in the market and is also the top-selling ones too. Stock sounds of drum sets accompanied with a good reverb and the tons of percussion sounds are some of the impeccable features of this model that has made it renowned among professional drummers. If you are looking for a classic upgrade from the old school acoustic drum sets, then this can be a perfect model.

Preferring a drum machine surely needs to analyze tons of key factors that a perfect machine should possess which is limited in the retail stores. Online stores offer a wide variety of options based on the models, specifications and comparable pricing options.


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