A wedge wire screen is a product that is customized as per the specific requirements of for screening application. It is a sieve kind of product made from looped wires. Individual wedge wires are then built into panels and supplied in various shapes and forms as per the requirements of customer.

Wedge wire screens are used for filtration and to minimize the clogging. It is a welded steel structure especially designed for separation and filtration. Wire wrapped screens have a longer shelf life because it is made from stainless steel and all screens are all-welded nicely. Wedge wire screens are available in different sizes and shapes.

For example, flat welded screens, slot tubes, flat screens, support tubes, cylinder and conical baskets, continuous cylinders.

Uses of Wedge Wire Screens

Wedge wire screens are used in various types of industries for filtration and excreting the solids. It is a highly trusted technology modified to give an excellent mechanical performance. Here we are giving some of the important aspects for which type of industries it is used for. Panel screens are customized as per the requirement of customer.

Stainless Steel Wedge Wire for Waste Water Treatment

Wedge wire screens are perfectly welded and constructed to remove the waste water. Mostly it is used in treatment plants where water is passed from various screening processes. Wedge wire screens separate the liquid or solid wastes and transform it into the treated water. The water will go in the disinfection processes in the last to see that kill the harmful organisms. Then after successful screening this healthy water is released in public areas. Wedge wire screens play a vital role in supplying clean and healthy water. Stainless steel wire screens give 90% assurance of providing healthy and clean water.

Slot Tubes for Food and Beverage Industries

Food and petro chemicals industries use this type of slot tubes screens. Slot tube screens are highly secured with stainless steel grade of 304 and 316 that will not display any corrosion during the filtration process. Slot tubes are highly welded that ensures that surface has proper backing. Slot tubes are designed as per the requirement of food and beverage industries. Especially there are three types of slot tubes that are mostly used in oil industries

1. Radial slot special

2. radial slot standard

3. Axial slot execution special

Slot tubes have conical shapes that distribute the pressure. It improves filtration without any clogging. This gives a high end resolution to remove the impurities with back flushing technique.

V-Shaped and Tri-Wire Panel Screens

Panel screens are mostly named as profile screens. In technical term it is identified as wedge wire screen. Flat screens are highly efficient choice for filtration and separating liquid and solid particles. Panel screens are customized as per the requirement of customer. It has a wide opening space used to make the hassle free flow of liquid. Food and beverage industries prefer thick wedge wire screen to avoid the problem of corrode. Support and strength of screen rods prevents unwanted situation of leaks.

Wedge wire screens are a perfect tool for drilling borehole. It has an excellent pressure resistant technique that handles every types of pressure to allow the liquids to enter in good quantity. Different industries have different requirement of panel screens. They can ask for specific design and choice of wedge wire screens from quality panel screens industries.

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