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People spend a huge amount on craft beer each month than paying their monthly phone & utility bills. On average, drinkers shell out $59 monthly on beer. Over 56% of millennials have said that they prefer drinking cold craft brew once a week.

Younger Adults Drink Craft Beer

When compared to 2 years ago, half of below 30-year-olds had increased the use of craft beer. Besides, beer quality was the number one priority for them. However, that is not all. With the popularity of craft beers growing, it is creating a higher opportunity for the development of new & interesting brews. There’re many unique and different flavor choices, and some are exclusive to individual breweries like Melvin Brewing.

There are many popular brews, fruit-flavored ciders & anything with plenty of hops. These complex flavors have made the appreciation for beer, which might never exist before. Definitely, it has been the dietary understanding, which is included on all menus. But, they aren’t drinking any kind of beer or one shown during commercials. Millennials won’t be fooled by the marketing or insist instead on the honest approach.

Feasibility Resonates

It applies not just to the young drinkers but even to the older craft drinkers as well. Half of the people said that the product marketed as being sustainable actually made that product very attractive. Craft beer can be viewed as a sustainable product, as per the survey participants. And to back up this sustainability story, the craft beer drinkers are looking for a little background information on beer, like the ingredients and history.

Most of the craft beers range from 5% – 10% ABV. And millennials opt to consume craft beer; they will feel good to know that they are supporting the local brewers whereas getting the great and traditional flavored beer not reducing their alcohol content.

Also, the craft brewers generally tend to support the growing pub culture that millennials will take benefit of. Drinking with friends & being social has a higher appeal to the millennial vibe than staying home & drinking any non-craft beer all alone. The terms can be used in the combination with various other terms. For example, you will not be in a wrong to refer to the brewing section of the brewpub as a microbrewery providing you know how much volume your brewer produces.

Final Words

The independent craft brewers take note of this trend as well, with the brewers going to lengths for attracting & keeping the younger customers – right from targeting the music & gig venues, organizing soccer and tennis tournaments, the brewers like to engage with the young people and next generation of the beer lovers.

Keeping aside all the facts, Millennials like beer.

Various reasons why they are selecting craft beer over the leading brands include taste, variety, as well as experimentation with the seasonal & local choices. Millennials exactly know what they like to drink want, with the craft beer; there is the option for each taste bud.


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