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What should happen to Roman Reigns when he returns?

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Roman Reigns is scheduled to return to in- ring action on July 21st after serving a 30-day suspension for violating the wellness policy in WWE. But WWE is still billing him in the main event match for Battleground as we are scheduled to get the Shield triple threat match for the World Championship. Plus it is being circulated around the internet that WWE has a documentary planned on airing on right after the July 25th episode of Monday Night Raw that is about Roman Reigns and his redemption from his suspension. I personally feel it is idiotic how WWE is handling this whole situation. For starters, once the news came down on Tuesday he should have been removed from the main event of Battleground. It was announced early enough the Tuesday afternoon when it happened that they could have made the adjustment in the script for Smackdown that night’s taping. Second, make him a heel (bad guy in Wrestling lingo). He is essentially been getting booed since he has held the title. So what I would do is have Roman screw Rollins and Ambrose by interfering during the match. Then the next night on Raw, you then have the Raw GM come to the ring and say that we need to have a clear winner and then you get the Shield Triple Threat match at Summerslam. The only way this may not happen is if all three of these superstars are not drafted to the same show. The WWE Draft is happening a few days before Battleground. Also, I would not have Roman Reigns win the title whenever this match is going to happen.Whatever the reason is for him getting suspended and every wrestling fan may hear rumors of what lead him to be suspended, but the WWE universe will never know the true reason until Roman Reigns writes a book about it years later. Also, change his gimmick up already because it is getting old as hell that he is still using the Shield’s former entrance music and his ring gear from the Shield days. Also, I need to call out WWE, I never realized how stupid you guys are, we don’t want news to be leaked that our top guy made a no-no. Vince, you do realize we live in a day of age where the internet is a powerful tool and somehow this news was going to leak.

In conclusion, once Roman Reigns returns WWE should turn Roman Reigns heel, get rid of the Shield gimmick, and give him new entrance music. I also feel it is stupid to give him a redemption storyline, he violated the rules because as far as we know, he went against the orders of the WWE doctors.

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