Buying a man’s wedding band isn’t as complicated or expensive as it is for a women’s ring. But it still requires forethought and research. Whether you’re looking to spend a small fortune or not, the ring your spouse puts on your finger during the ceremony is forever. It’s essential to make an informed decision.

Different Style Men’s Wedding Bands

Many people don’t realize that there are many style options for men. At first glance, it may appear that most rings are the same. But a closer look shows several unique differences.

The most common include rings with an inlay, a second layer of material inside the band’s main tier. Various options are available, such as tungsten carbide rings with deer antler. The tungsten also combines with many high-quality, strong wood types, including koa, African padauk, pear, and even chestnut.

Can’t choose between one material? Pick more than one. An example of this is a tungsten carbide inner layer with a dual outer layer that’s half wood, deer antler, or shell.

You can also look for different patterns on the ring’s exterior. A popular option is a hammered, which offers unique designs. Some grooms prefer smooth inside and out and decide to get a polished surface that matches the band’s interior’s slick feel. Additionally, men can choose beveled edges for any material.

Choosing a Material

You may think of gold and silver when looking at different wedding ring materials. But there are so many more options that are more unique and less expensive. Another metal that looks great and lasts a long time is tungsten carbide. The compound is as strong as gold and is easy for jewelers to work with and manipulate.

The metal is affordable enough to meld with other materials, such as the inlays mentioned above. Combining tungsten with wood, deer antler, and pearl help tailor the ring to fit your unique personality and needs. Other options include titanium and ceramic that can also be blended with quality wood, shell, and additional materials that allow grooms to personalize their wedding band.

Do You Need to Match Your Spouse’s Ring?

This is a personal decision. There isn’t a guideline that men need to follow. However, many couples are choosing to get matching engagement bands. In the past, men didn’t wear these, but times are changing, and plenty of grooms choose to wear them.

Men who decide to add the extra ring to their daily jewelry provide their future spouse an extra layer of commitment. They often choose matching rings for conformity and style.

Getting the Ring Engraved?

Yes! Personalize your ring. Most materials can be engraved. You’re going to wear the band for a long time. You want one that will always make you smile when you look at it. A great way to achieve that along with style is by making it 100% yours.

When you engrave a ring, it becomes yours forever. Whether its initials, your wedding date, song lyrics, or words that are special to you and your beloved, adding them to the ring is the final step in personalizing the wedding band to you.

How to Fit Your Wedding Band

On par with style is comfort. I know it sounds repetitive, but men and women wear their wedding rings daily for decades. You want a style that fits your personality, but you also need a wedding band that’s comfortable.

The most significant factors for ring comfort are size, weight, material, and design. You want a ring that fits well enough to accommodate slight weight changes. A band that’s too loose is easy to lose, and one that’s too small is uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.

Weight isn’t only based on your body. Heavy material can put unnecessary stress on your joints. One that’s too light might be easily damaged. If you work at a desk, a light material might be safe. However, anyone regularly using heavy machinery or labor-intensive jobs could damage the ring unintentionally.

Some people love intricate designs, such as hammered metals and beveled edges. But if it’s going to irritate your fingers rubbing against it all day, you might want to consider a smooth style.

It can be intimidating choosing jewelry that you’re going to wear for eternity. But it doesn’t have to be. Review your options. Make a plan, and reach out to us if you have any questions. Alpine Rings want you to find the wedding band that fits your personality, needs, and budget.



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