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White Knights: Why Women Need To Stop Taking Risks With False Heroes

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Men… can’t live with them, and can’t sell them on Craigslist for parts either.

Have you noticed how insanely desperate and optimistic men on social media have become in the last year or so? Women can’t even walk to the store without receiving more honks, beeps, and catcalls than a cheap you-know-what on Black Friday?

I mean not only are women objectified and harassed openly by pervy men, but now they are playing the “hero” or “good guy” in hopes that we will just drop our panties because we’re “oh so grateful” to them for protecting our poor fragile selves from other douche bags just like them.

I, for one deal with these pathetic acts of desperation multiple times a day, and even worse is how persistent they are and deceptive they are willing to be.

Each time I login to my social media apps, 50% of the time there is a message from some random guy, (typically non-American) telling me how hot I am through some badly written, poorly spelled, and improperly punctuated pick-up line. They don’t even bother proofreading the crap they write, yet I’m supposed to “decode” the message and be so smitten that I throw my morals and self-respect out the window?

The chances of that happening guys? Uhm, no. never going to happen.

Unless….you happen to be messaging a catfish profile made by yet another perverted guy looking to trick lesbian, and bisexual girls into sending nude pictures in exchange for pictures typically found through internet searches, or stolen from other girls online who may have fallen for these shady, and sadistic cons.

The messages usually begin with some elaborate “You’re so beautiful your eyes make me feel under a spell of your beauty” B.S. and if you ignore it, then comes the wave of emoticons and “hello? U there? Baby?” until you either block the profile or respond. Now responding is pointless in my opinion because regardless of your “rejection method” it never ends well. Typically you’re attacked for being prude or ugly, but sometimes they even have the audacity to accuse YOU of being the fake profile claiming to have reported you to the site.

Now the smartest method for checking a profile for authenticity is to search a few of the photos on the profile in Google images and look for any matches on other sites. Typically any results found will be from other websites such as image hosting sites like Tumblr, or some generic “hotlink” site that is usually only found by clicking links to less secure webpages advertised through a series of other pornographic sites.

Now, if these come up in the results of your image search that’s a red flag, and a sure tell sign that the profile as well as the pictures on it aren’t real. They are more than likely taken from an online gallery containing multiple photos of an amateur adult model that can convincingly pass as the girl they claim to be on the fake profile.

However there are ways they can alter these photos to no longer match to the original photo by using software such as Photoshop, thus causing the reverse search to come back clean. Google images clearly states that they are not 100% foolproof and that they search your image among a directory of websites and images updated frequently, but may not have your photo on file quite yet.

They also advise users to repeat any “failed or clean” searches again a few days later just in case it was recently added to the database. Also keep in mind that photos may have been sent privately by previous victims, and may not show up in an image search. Most of these desperate losers will offer to trade pics fairly early in conversation, they may even send a picture first to put you at ease.

Always remember you are more than likely not the first person they have approached, so they can be quite convincing. If you feel unsure most chat applications are equipped with video chat services and anyone real shouldn’t have an issue video chatting for a moment to verify identities, and if they do…better to be safe than sorry later on right?

Another way men are manipulating women into exposing themselves or their personal information is by playing the hero. Once they get access to comment or post on your profile as your “friend” they will compliment and like your photos, respond to your postings and other comments on them. This is how they familiarize themselves to you in a way that seems harmless and okay. Then they will watch for you to post something stating your upset or feeling emotional.

They usually take that opportunity to comfort or soothe you through private messages trying to establish a sense of safety and trust, all the while playing on your vulnerabilities and deceiving you. Once they feel you trust them and feel comfortable with them they will say whatever it takes to convince you that they are genuine and care about you until they feel they can steer the conversation in a “sexier” direction ultimately resulting in a photo exchange and a few days later the fake profile is gone. They may see someone insult you on your profile and stand up for you once again playing the hero to you and approaching you from that angle instead.

Big lesson here? Don’t be a hoe and send nudes to people you don’t know.

You’re not helpless or dumb. You know that social media is a very dangerous tool and you cannot always believe what the internet and people on the internet say just because it sounds logical. You don’t have to give any information or access to anyone you don’t feel comfortable with, you can block or report anyone as well. And if you do recognize or come across a fake profile please report it to the site to protect others too. But don’t allow yourself to be open and vulnerable with anyone you do not know personally, there is no reason to do so in the first place.

You don’t need approval, or comfort from strangers or acquaintances, because you are perfectly capable and strong enough to be your own hero and us women prove that every day. Leave your personal details about your life and feelings off of social media sites to protect yourself from any scams and eliminate any chances of someone obtaining information that could be harmful to you or your loved ones.

Long story short ladies, men are disgusting horny little perverts. And some of those perverts could care less who gets hurt as long as they get what they want from you. There are some chivalrous men out there but none would ask you to put yourself into a situation that you’re not ok with, and if they do press the issue or try to place guilt on you, it’s time to block them.

Use your brains, be cautious, don’t send nude photos to anyone you don’t personally know.

And men…stop being douche bags and watch porn like normal people. You guys are seriously only hurting innocent women and leaving them victimized and feeling unsafe, alone, and violated… and for what? To get your rocks off so you can sleep good? That’s low and heartless as hell and if you don’t feel that it’s as big a deal as I’m making it, feel free to send me some nude pics to my personal email and I will be sure to share them with my readers.

Till next time, ladies, don’t be a slut, and guys, don’t be a pervert! Bye!

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