Why would you hire an accountant? What’s the point in hiring an IT specialist? How can hiring a marketing agency make a difference? 

There is a reason why your specific business exists, and why you work in the industry of your choice.  As a professional, you’ve found your niche space. Which is to say, out of the thousands of business sectors, companies and individuals choose to invest in the one thing they do really well.  

This is exactly why it is also important to hire other companies that employ people who are experts in their fields. Just like you, they have invested time and money through role experience, education, and research to do their jobs extremely well. It might come off as just another expense, but trust that these specialists are worth their weight in gold. 

A marketing agency is a prime example of this. In fact, the same way you would hire a team of accountants to handle your yearly internal audit is the same nature in which you would employ a marketing agency to handle your firm’s communication strategy. Once you’ve taken the time to find the right marketing agency, the return on investment can be ten-fold. 

Let’s take a look at the skills and knowledge marketing agencies have to offer:

Consumer Behavior Insights 

First, I want you to understand that marketing agencies often spend a lot of time and money familiarizing themselves with current events and studies about consumer trends. They can do this by nationality (i.e. Americans), location, or other demographics. Race, socioeconomic status, age range–any detail you can think to group people by. This information is extremely valuable, and most of it is for sale at a premium cost per study. Marketing agencies invest in this data to increase the precision and accuracy of their work. It directly impacts the quality of the objectives an agency creates for obtaining your ideal target market. 

This part of the marketing process may seem to be common sense, and you might be thinking, “I know my clients already”. I urge you, please be mindful of that thought-trap. Often, business owners make biased assumptions about their audience. That will potentially lead to bad investments and poor business decisions. In marketing research, we refer to it as potential errors in validity and reliability. By relying on “common sense”, you could be placing yourself and your company at risk of falling behind other companies in your market. Your firm can easily be seen as out-of-touch and not up-to-date. Consumers’ needs are growingly complex, and a marketing agency will be fully equipped to help your business navigate that reality. 


At this point, most people have heard of algorithms. I also know from experience that most people don’t really know how to use algorithms to grow their business. In fact, most people don’t even know how they work. 

Keeping it brief, what you need to know about algorithms: they are everywhere! They take huge amounts of data and nicer, smaller, simpler action steps. Search engine algorithms choose in less than a second which websites to rank first out of billions of possible matches. Which posts show up on your feeds are decided by social media algorithms.

Between multiple search engine websites and social media platforms, there are countless ways to be available to be more visible to your target audience(s). However, it gets a little tricky because every site has its own unique algorithm. 

That is why you need a marketing agency; algorithms are scientific and marketing agents are the scientists. Many marketing professionals earn their undergraduate and Master’s degrees in marketing research and data analytics. In fact, schools are developing programs to further accommodate this rise in marketing professionals. When you are paying for a marketing agency, access to reliable knowledge and usage of this futuristic tool is a part of that value. Algorithms are here to stay, so hire a marketing agency to keep ahead of competitors and in front of customers.

Automation and Technology

Lastly, but certainly not least: Automation. Automation is all about letting technology and marketers do the hard work. So, with automation you can target prime prospects with relevancy and precision. That will increase the likelihood of converting golden leads into green sales. 

Another large investment piece for hiring a marketing agency is being able to benefit from their software systems. So, you shouldn’t be comfortable with having to spend hundreds, upwards to thousands, of dollars in multi-channel and automation programs yourself. Especially when you can simply (and smartly) invest a fraction of that into hiring marketing agency professionals. Marketing agencies have access to these tools and the working knowledge to use them for the benefit of your company. This saves you from taking resources from other value-adding activities to figure out how to use new software. 

Hiring A Marketing Agency

So, just to recap: hiring a marketing agency is a great investment. 

As a strategic business partner, the right marketing agency will be responsible for choosing messages and channels to succeed on behalf of your company. Meaning, they will develop an intuitive understanding of clients and potential target audiences. Marketing agencies help develop communication goals and objectives and use the nature of your company as a guide for doing so. Thus, this is a large value-added business activity at a fraction of the cost it would take you to do so in-house.

The Marketing Agency  is committed to helping you find your customer’s DigitalDNA. The process design allows for incremental improvements across all channels. This method of optimization relies heavily on user behavior data to guide our strategies forward. We turn raw data into meaningful and actionable insights aimed at achieving a set goal. Your customers are always at the heart of our approach: multi-channel marketing, automation, marketing funnel, and more.

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