Industrial and commercial businesses are thriving, but while they are, it is important to remain cautious and practice workplace safety. A gas leak within either of these industries is devastating, threatening not only your company but also the livelihoods and lives of the people who work for you. Gas leaks are also hazardous to the environment and the general public, so you can play your part in actively preventing a disaster like this by installing a gas detector in your business.

Whether you deal with harmful gases in your place of business on a daily basis or not, it is always important to have a gas detector on the premises, and here is why:

1. Protection

The most obvious benefit of having a gas detector is the protection it brings. You will be protecting yourself as well as your co-workers and your assets. It is well worth it to protect your workplace from potential poisoning, explosions, and asphyxiation.

A convenient fixed gas detection device, such as the XNX Honeywell gas detector, can connect to other types of active safety systems that are installed in your place of employment. These types of systems are usually installed in larger facilities, and they can be used to detect both early warnings of specific gas leaks and major leaks.

If a worker in a hazardous situation is alerted by an automatic system like this, then their life is saved.

2. There Are Many Possible Gas Hazards

There are many possible causes of hazardous gas, which is why a gas detector is imperative. Here are the three major gas hazards to look out for in the workplace:

· Oxygen Depletion

This is when the area has the possibility of having high amounts of gas that is not the typical ambient air. Even non-toxic and non-explosive types are able to lower the oxygen levels in a space by displacing a significant amount of ambient air to a point where a person should not enter that space. A particular risk, for example, would be a boiler room as it is an area where a storage tank is kept within a confined space that requires little access.

· Toxic Gases

These can come in a variety of forms, and a professional risk assessment will help you to identify the various toxic substances that you should look out for.

In a place that has the potential for a specific toxic substance, you should have a specific sensor installed to monitor that substance.

An oxygen sensor actually is not the tool to detect this hazard, because while it will alarm whenever the proper oxygen level is displaced, it is not made to detect toxic substances. Instead, you want to look for multi-gas detectors to help in this regard.

· Explosive Gases

Many gases, if they reach the right concentration, can be explosive. These substances are monitored using Catalytic or IR (infrared) sensors.

3. Uphold Safety Regulations

In today’s modern age, industrial and commercial industries are held up to more regulations and rules than they have been ever before. When it comes to workplace safety practice, it is better safe than sorry. Governing bodies constantly regulate the way tasks and jobs are done in order to ensure that the safest practices are enforced for employee safety as well as liability concerns.

4. Peace of Mind

Just knowing that you have a reliable safety detection system installed in your business will help you relax and focus on your work and the growth of your company. Having something like this in place, like a fixed gas detector, will ensure that you feel prepared to battle any surprise leak that may befall your business.

The Bottom Line

With all the options in gas detectors for commercial and industrial settings, there’s no excuse not to invest in one or more of these devices. It’s vital and well worth it for the protection, safety, and peace of mind that you’ll have for yourself, your business, and your workers.

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