Having pink salt lamps within the office is a common trend among modern office owners. They are considered to be trendy and turn your office space into an attractive environment where people can work comfortably.  Every décor in your office contributes to the creation of a beautiful environment that can motivate your employees to work harder.

The pink Himalayan salt lamps when strategically positioned within the office may be helpful to introduce that warm atmosphere that you are looking for. When installing the pink salt lamps in your office, you ought to consider, the effects that it might have on your employees among the stakeholders that use the environment. It is recommended that when installing pink salt lamps in your office, you should ensure that every employee enjoys their benefits.

For instance, asthmatic employees may take advantage of the salt lamps capability to remove dust and pollen particles from the air. This way, they will have a comfortable working environment where they will not need to worry about the particles affecting their bathing.  Most office owners try to find about the benefits of installing the salt lamps within their offices. If you are an office owner with an interest of adding pink salt lamps in your office, the content in this article will give you a reason to go for the pink salt lamps.

They make your office unique

In most offices, office owners are used to hanging antique paintings and other pieces of art to improve the outlook of their office décor. It is a common practice among millions of office owners. Adding salt metal basket in addition to the artwork will be essential in making your office space look more attractive. The uniqueness does not, however, come without the expertise of interior designers. You need to identify the most strategic positions that you can install your salt lamps to transform your office space. You could set them in the waiting area of your office or the specific office partitions of the employees. This way, you will find the room looking more conspicuous than only having the artwork hanging on the walls.


Increased energy levels

There are many things that people do to energize their bodies. It could be taking an early morning hot shower, jogging in the morning or driving your car to work with the windows down. This will help you in revitalizing your energy levels so that you can remain productive throughout your workday. Pink salt lamps, when installed in the office, may prove to be useful in making you have increased energy levels. Usually, there is the production of negative ions from the salt lamps that accumulate on the body of individuals around them. The negative ions when in contact with your body result in invigorating feeling. You will have your energy levels improved in the long run.  Within your office, you may install the pink salt lamps in the common room for your employees to enjoy the benefits. When the employees are in such an environment which has several salt lamps installed, their energy levels are likely to remain high. This means that there will also be improved productivity by the employees in the long run. Having the right size of the salt lamps will be more effective. They can be placed in different strategic locations within your office space including the individually partitioned offices.


Neutralize electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic radiation is emitted from electronic devices that are in constant use in the office or at home. When employees among other stakeholders in the office are exposed to electromagnetic radiation for a long time, they may end up being severely affected. It could result in cancer on the skin or another type. Pink salt lamps have been known to reduce the number of electromagnetic radiations that are emitted within the office space. This characteristic makes the office environment safe for all employees.

If you want to create a more comfortable environment, you will need to introduce more than one salt lamps. Preferably, it is recommended that every desk should have a sizeable salt lamp to help in the absorption of the electromagnetic radiation. When your employees work in an office environment knowing that they are not at risk of being affected by electromagnetic radiation, they have positive moods thus increasing their productivity. However, you may have a large number of employees working in your office and having a salt lamp for each desk would not be economical.

This way, you might need to identify the most strategic locations for you to install them to create a comfortable working environment.

Improved mood and concentration

Every employer wants to have employees who have a positive mood and improved concentration within the workplace. When they have improved concentration, there is a reduced occurrence of errors. This makes the work output of the employees in different departments to be exemplary. The pink salt lamps when heated produce negative ions which then land on the body of the people around them. This way, the body is triggered to produce the serotonin neurotransmitter which is responsible for changing the moods of an individual. With increased serotonin levels in the body, there is also improved blood flow into the brain. This results in the brain receiving more oxygenated air this affecting the concentration of the employees positively. Ideally, when you are adding pink salt lamps within your office, you need to consider the number of employees that they will serve. This way, you will make a reasonable decision about the size or number of salt lamps that you will require to make the environment more conducive in the long run.

Removes bad odors

Any working environment is expected to be odor free and comfortable to work in. Many homeowners may prefer to use air fresheners that are effective in removing odors from the office spaces. However, there is a better and more effective option; the pink saltlamp.  The salt lamps are essential additions in your office if you have a problem with removing bad odors. If you have been having troubles in the past with bad odors in particular sections of your office, you should consider buying the pink salt lamps so that you can improve it. When your office has a bad odor, your visitors will be in dismay and not comfortable in such an environment. Also, it may affect the productivity of your employees at different levels. If you are looking forward to identifying the type of salt lamp that will effectively remove the bad odors from your office, then you should consider the pink salt lamps.

Reduce static electricity in the air

Static electricity is mostly formed in the office where there are many activities involving electronic manipulation. Since there are many electronic devices available in the office, you will experience a lot of static electricity in the air. They may result in you having a bad hair day if there is too much static electricity in the office. It is known that static shock strikes you when you least expect. This way you might find yourself getting embarrassed within the office. To avoid this and many other effects of static electricity, adding a pink salt lamp in your office will be helpful in the long run. The salt lamp will remove the static particle in the air making the environment more bearable for employees. For employers to ensure every employee is free from static electricity, they should consider introducing a considerable number of salt lamps in the office.


It’s an environmentally friendly source

Environmental friendly sources of energy are most recommended in eh 21st century. This is to ensure that there is no pollution and everybody lives in a pollution free environment. Pink salt lamps are considered to be environmentally friendly because they do not emit any form of pollutants. Instead, they remove pollutants from the air, attracting the positively charged dust and pollen particles make the environment more pollution free and hence comfortable. About this, the salt lamps also do not consume a lot of energy from the office. Since they do not use ay fuel and have low wattage bulbs, the office owner has the advantage of incurring fewer costs in the long run. As an office owner who wants to introduce salt lamps in your office, you will need to identify low wattage types to help you save on electricity bills.

Keeps the atmosphere humid

The pink salt lamps are hygroscopic. This characteristic makes them absorb a lot of moisture from the atmosphere. When the salt lamp is heated, the negative ions produced to attract the positively charged water droplets in the air. When n the surface of the salt lamp, the droplets are heated again by the lamp and evaporate back into the air. This means that if you are in a room that has pink salt lamps, you will enjoy the high level of humidity that exists in the room. Employees working in an environment that has high humidity are more productive.


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