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All work and no play make Jack a dull boy (and perhaps depressed too), especially in the current times. If you thought that digging your face in the laptop all day at home was keeping you “safe”, it might not have done equal justice to your mental health all this while. That’s why; it’s a good idea to go for a vacation this year, even if not somewhere far.

Here are the various health benefits of taking a vacation.

Improves your mental health

A recent survey on the impact of Covid-19 on workers revealed that 52% of the respondents are experiencing burnouts, and 67% feel that this has worsened during the pandemic. So, what’s the escape from all that burnout, depression, anxiety, and global trauma? A refreshing vacation, perhaps by the riverside! To make your breathing both pleasant and safe, choose a luxury lifestyle hotel with top-notch guest services like high safety protocols, and elevated safety standards. Then let the airy rooms and soothing riverfront view sweep away all your stress. Even studies support that vacations are great stress busters. In a study, vacations benefitted as many as 887 lawyers by mitigating their job stress and lowering their depression. Another study revealed that just a 3-day vacation helped to cut down the cortisol (a hormone related to stress) levels of Japanese employees.

Increases your productivity

This is quite natural. The more refreshed and rejuvenated you feel after a vacation, the higher will be your productivity when you resume work. A study concluded that the participants who took a break from work returned more productive than the ones who worked more. According to another study, participants who returned from vacation could work with much less effort. The relationship between vacation, productivity, and happiness is simple. Happiness boosts productivity, and vice-versa.

Boosts your cardiovascular health

Surprised? Don’t be. When you give your heart to a new place, it takes care of your heart health. Lower stress levels can contribute towards reduced risks of heart disease. In a study report, vacationing was found effective to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Protects against metabolic syndrome

A small study revealed an association of the incidence of metabolic syndrome with participants who used 14 days of their paid vacation. As they took more vacations, the symptoms of the syndrome began to reduce by almost 25% for every additional vacation taken.

Whatever the length of your vacation, it can benefit your overall health remarkably. Research indicates that even a 4-night vacation had immediate and lasting positive effects on the recovery, stress, and overall well-being of the participants. They continued to experience these benefits for up to 45 days post-vacation. So, don’t think twice before taking at least a small break from your busy schedule. Let yourself be pampered at a cozy place to double up the joys of your vacation!

At the same time, make sure to mask up and follow all safety protocols laid down by your hosts at the hotel you choose.

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