Gold Leaf Lettering

One of the finest approaches in lettering and sign making is the gold leaf lettering. All sign writers and business style advertising makers cannot work on this extremely delicate project. Yet to create the perfect posh and classy look, and to add rich taste of art and style, people do get their glass walls, wood signboards etc. gold leaf lettered. And if you are in such a business where you want great public attention at a glance, then you can go for the mirror finish of gold leaf lettering.

Things to Check with Your Sign Maker for Gold Leaf Lettering

When you are about to plan a gold leaf lettering on one of your sign boards or glass walls or doors etc, then you will have to plan it properly. As the name goes, this form of signage making is done with pure gold. Pure metallic gold in the finest, thinnest form is smeared on the surface using a glue so that it stays on and gives a mirror shine finish to the place. The gold glitters taking shape of the logo, sign, shape or letters in the pattern it’s lettered. This is the beauty of this style of sign. But this has to be done carefully to ensure no gold is lost and wasted in the process and the job is done perfectly.


  • Do tell the expert that you plan to go for gold leaf lettering and you need perfection.
  • While this is done, there are chances of loss of gold as the gold in the foil is in the thinnest form. Even a charged brush bristle can wipe off some gold, and even a slight wind can blow off some gold.
  • Many sign writers make a blunder mistake of applying the glue for this job at the wrong place, in a wrong line, or in a wrong concentration. This must be taken care of for the perfection in the finish.
  • The gold is embedded on the glue when the glue is in the perfect tacky condition. And this can be done by a sign writer if he is very well experienced. Therefore, you must know well about his experience of work.

Why Go for Gold Leaf Lettering?

There are some great reasons to choose this form of signage for that perfect glamorous exposure to your business or shop needs.

  • Gold glitters, and naturally, attract the attention of eyes that pass by. Hence this form of glittery sign making is a perfect way to get eyes on the message, logo, name, brand etc.
  • It’s a known fact that gold is expensive, and one who has invested in this form of sign making has enough money to invest and taste to choose this. Thus, undoubtedly sets a good impression on the clients.
  • If your shop or office etc is in a location that is too crowded, and people do not gaze particularly, then gold leaf lettering can help you to get attention as the glittery gold on getting any amount of light on it would show off. People would definitely look, and eyes would stick to the sign for a few seconds.

Gold leaf lettering is one of the smartest sign making techniques that would always bring attention to your signboards, advertisements, glass walls etc. To create the best signboard, you must talk to one of the best sign writers in your area, and before that, you must see the previous works done by him. A number of flaws may come in this form of sign making due to technical faults, which can be avoided when you choose a well experienced signwriter. Thus, few efforts done can result in good results.

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