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Why You Need a Legitimate Licensed Customs Broker (Infographic)

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Whether you are planning to run an import business, or just need to import tons of goods from another country, you surely need a licensed and experienced customs broker to help you get through the importation process. And if you’re quite a novice in the world on international trade, you might be asking yourself “What’s a customs broker?”

A customs broker is professional service provider which has possesses specialized knowledge on customs regulations, Harmonized Customs Tariff, and various Free Trade Agreements that is currently in effect with 20 nations in the world. They also have an expert understanding of the many government agencies which you need to comply with if you want to bring in your goods in the local market hassle-free.

As an importer, it is your duty to declare the kind of goods being imported, it’s country of origin, and its total value. By hiring a licensed customs broker, you will be able to satisfy those prerequisites, and the Customs will release your import goods from the port of entry as soon as possible.

Aside from the expertise on the importation process, they can also offer help in other areas which can make your import operation more efficient and successful. To know these, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below from Excelsior Worldwide Logistics which details the pros of having the assistance of a licensed customs broker in your importation business.

1. To ensure smooth communication between your business and the government.

2. To focus on core areas of your business.

3. To save money.

4. To save time and effort.

5. To know the best option for your import needs.

6. To help you reach new markets.

7. To ensure that your business needs are met.

To learn more, check out the infographic below.

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