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Why You Should Only Buy Grain-Free Cat Food

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There’s a lot of buzz in the pet community about the benefits of buying grain-free food for your cats. If you’re wondering why this has become such a hot topic, this article will delve a bit deeper into the reasons behind this discussion.

Is Grain-Free Cat Food the Right Choice for Your Cat?

Grains such as wheat, rice, and corn are the foundation of the majority of mass-produced cat food. These grains allow cat food manufacturers to meet the standardized carbohydrate requirement for their food with a substance that is very cheap to produce, which saves them money.

However, these types of grains can cause problems for many cats. Some are allergic, whereas others find it difficult to digest. Some scientists believe that the reason for this is because cats did not evolve to eat grain. Their stomachs don’t produce saliva amylase, the enzyme that has to be present in the gut to process carbs.

Before urbanization, a cat’s diet consisted of protein from the rodents and birds they caught around the area they stalked for prey. The only carbohydrate the cat would be exposed to was the grains that were inside the prey when it was eaten. This is why cats have amylase secreted by the pancreas to help with the digestion of these small amounts of carbs in their intestines.

The problem with cat food that consists of large amounts of grain is that the amylase enzyme is not present in a cat’s stomach to help break down the carbohydrate when it is first eaten, which can cause a cat to suffer from digestive problems and even severe complications.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Grain Free Cat Food


· Giving your cat a grain-free diet is providing it with the sort of ingredients it would have found in the wild. There are some outstanding protein-based cat foods on the market that are made of proteins like meat and fish. One of the better options with no grains is the Blue Buffalo® Freedom cat food range.

· Make sure that when you buy “grain-free” cat food, that it hasn’t merely bulked up the product using other carbohydrate sources other than grains, such as tapioca or potatoes.

· Kittens and cats who are fed only grain free food are healthier, and this means you will save money on unnecessary trips to the vet.


· Grain-free foods are higher in protein which means it could also be higher in fats. Check the packaging to ensure it comes from leaner cuts of meat.

· Protein-rich cat food is more expensive. However, your cat will be satisfied with much smaller portions because its dietary needs are being met 100%.

How to Find Grain-Free Cat Food

You can follow the link in this article to find your nearest affordable grain-free cat food outlet. They have detailed descriptions of the ingredients perfectly suited for your cat’s health and happiness.

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