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Wicked Workwear – Creative Ideas For Your Team Uniform

Your team uniform can be whatever you want it to be. Sometimes that is more pressure than having a prescribed uniform concept pushed upon you. The uniform that your team proudly wears is one of the first things your clients and customers see, so the stakes are quite high. But it also comes with some exciting potential if you wield that opportunity to decide on a creative idea that will propel your business.

Innovative logo design

Your logo and brand identity should be front and centre on your chosen team uniform concept. These logos can be integrated into your uniform through different means, but the most impactful and resilient procedure is embroidered workwear. Get creative with your logo placement and play around with different locations before you commit. You may even decided to have names of your employees embroidered on team uniforms, as well as certificates and accreditations they have received in that role.

Play with textures

Work uniforms don’t need to just be a polo shirt and slacks. There is so much more innovation that you can inject into your uniform concept and formula. Play around with different textures, such as a cotton shirt and trousers with a leather apron to complete the look. This attention to detail will show your customers and clients that high quality and attention to detail are just some of the values that you can attribute to the company. Polyester and silk are also great textures for a work uniform, particularly popular in the beauty and retail space for employers who are hoping to send a message.

Seasonal options

Nothing worse than peeling off a warm uniform at the end of the hot summer day. Not being too cold or too hot are basic needs that you as an employer must meet.Deciding to design a summer and winter team uniform will be met with a lot of enthusiasm by your employees and colleagues. It sets in motion a seasonal uniform switch, and your loyal customers will love the change of look when they visit you throughout the year. It might be as simple as just adding a tailored blazer or a warm vest, but field the thoughts of your front line staff and find out if this is something that they would value and enjoy wearing.


Caps, berets and bananas – the lot. There is a bit of fun to be had with headgear, and they can add a real flair to your uniform making it easy for customers to pick your employees out of a crowd during those busy days in the store. Scout out some samples and see how they look on your team and if they make sense for the environment in which your store operates.

Badges and pins

Badges and pins are widely associated with team uniforms. And with good cause, they serve a great purpose and personalise your staff by giving them names and a story. Always go for high quality badge and pin suppliers as all too often they send a box where the colour is not quite right, or they don’t even make it until the following month due to poor quality and craftsmanship. It’s easy to get carried away so choose no more than two badges and pins per person and uniform so that it doesn’t look too cluttered.

Getting creative with your work uniform will give your employees a new lease on life, and it will reinvigorate your brand and store exponentially. Don’t be afraid to wander off the beaten track and explore some exciting options that haven’t been seen in the market. But always remember who has to wear them, and keep your team and stakeholders informed so that you don’t back the wrong horse. As a great rule of thumb, commit to reviewing your uniforms every year, and decide what can be amended, replaced and enhanced.

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