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Know All About Horse Racing Rails

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Race rails and running rails play a significant role in horse racing. Horse racing rails are used to outline the boundary of the race track, which shows the limit of the racing area at the time of the race to the horse and the jockey. As said before, they are quite important for the competitors and the trainers. It is also said that the best quality horse racing rails should be used. They play an important role irrespective of the type of area where you train your horse; be it grassland or an all-weather surface.

What are These Composed of?

Horse racing rails are made up of three substances; which are the posts, the rail profile, and the ground footing. The good quality racing rails composed of white uPVC, are made specially so that it can be used on rail tracks. Such components like aluminum or steel are dangerous to use. Thus, avoid using it. The rail tracks should be resistant enough for the horses. There are two types of racing rails; i.e., straight and swan neck.

A horse racing rail should be strong enough to deal with the intense pressure and high-speed environment. The horse racing rails designs must be in such a way so that it minimizes the chances of injuries that mostly happen at high speed. Thus, the material used must ensure the safety. Some of the types of rails, which are mostly available are; covered rails, plastic running rails, and midcourse rails.

What Kind of Products Should Be Bought?

Horse racing rails should be bought after doing a lot of research work and they must include the following features:

  • The horse racing rails should be easy to use and install quickly without any hassles.
  • It should remain in a perfectly straight position and should not bend down in between the posts.
  • Buy such racing rails, which come with a high durability and low maintenance costs.
  • It should be extremely flexible and easy to move from one place to another without any inconvenience.

The proper placing of a rail is also important. For long distance races, the starting gate position is considered important, especially if the horse is dependent on the gate position. For long distance races, the horse has to maintain the highest speed at the start in order to maintain a proper position at the rails. Some horses even save their stamina for the last moment and overtake the other horses at the end of the race whereas other horses get tired by that time of the race.

How Does the Position of the Rails Affect the Turfs?

The positioning of the horse racing rails on the turf helps in its maintenance. If the turf is in a bad condition, the rails can be temporarily used to keep the horses away from the particular area, which is totally chewed up. Also, if no such rail is placed on the turf course, it would make the entire area wider. This would surely increase the speed of the horses, thus leading to a stiff competition among the competitors.


Hence, it could be understood that a horse racing rail can affect the entire sport to a large extent. Therefore, it’s placing and materials used should be carefully scrutinized. Thus, it is important to do a lot of research work and then invest in the right kind of horse racing rails. Nowadays, even some alternatives have been invented in order to provide utmost safety to the competitors. A proper research work would make the entire sports fun and safe and would save the competitors from hazardous injuries and risks during the race.

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