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Dating is a normal part of life – meeting new people and deciding if you want to take things forward. It is all about the meeting. But today, things have changed and meeting and socializing has been suspended. Large gatherings and socializing have been restricted. Even if you do go, you need to maintain social distancing and wear masks. You won’t be able to see the other person fully, with the mask hiding faces. Nor will you be able to get too close. After all, you are meeting a stranger – not a person you know and trust. So, will covid-19 create a sense of fear for real dating?

The answer is probably No. Let us explore the reasons why.

  • Human beings crave connection and a social group. Without this, humans will not be mentally ok. They need to feel, touch and connect to feel alive and living.
  • Meeting people keeps us emotionally well. Meeting and dating and having fun together are so essential for this.
  • Physical and sexual interaction is also a part of physical and mental well-being. Dating and meeting new prospects helps in this as you can satisfy your desires.
  • Although, currently people want to take care and be safe, but in the long run, the desire to meet and mate will take over everything. People cannot live alone for long.

Now that we understand why dating will not end, let us look at how it will progress. It may take some time for people to come out and get used to new ways of dating, but they won’t stop. So, here is how to date during the pandemic.

Don’t be anxious

Dating in the midst of a pandemic can create stress but be honest with yourself and don’t rush.  If you are feeling depressed and lonely, then reach out on a virtual date to make you feel a little better.  Some withdraw when they are feeling low, but that can increase the feeling of loneliness, leading to depression.

Be your best

Before jumping into the dating scene, make sure you feel good. It is important to take care of your mental health. Dating isn’t a substitute for happiness and good feeling.  Feel confident – either by ordering new clothes, getting a makeover or working out. Get into a self-care ritual to feel relaxed and not be nervous. Just like elderly people are trying out 50 and over dating site and are doing well.

Set boundaries

Set the boundaries early on. Decide on what makes you comfortable and give time to your date to understand and process that. It may have been a while since you went out on a date.  Ask them to share boundaries as well so that you both are comfortable. Communication is so important when you are preparing to get back to dating. Set the right expectations so both know what to expect.

Don’t be pressured

Don’t be pressured by anyone to do something that you don’t want to do. If someone is pushing you to meet in person, but if you don’t want to, then cancel the date. You should be comfortable and confident to meet. Plus, there should be no regrets and unless you trust the other to do the right things, don’t bend to pressure.

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