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Physical pleasure can make your day and it is important for good mental health. It may be on your fantasy list too because it is thrilling in a way. Virtual sex or cyber sex is a means of exploring desires too if you look at it in a different way. Now with social distancing being in place, virtual sex has become even more popular. But doing it with strangers – is it safe? What are you exposing yourself to, if you are indulging in virtual sex with a random person? Here are some pros and cons.


  • Virtual sex means that you are probably not in close physical proximity to the person you are engaging with. This is good because it ensures that you are physically safe, considering you are meeting a stranger.
  • You can satisfy your physical desires with a person who doesn’t know you and explore your kinks too. There will be no judgement and no fear that the person will tell others you know.
  • You can be confident with your body and not worry about how the person will see it or react to it. A lot of introverts and shy people feel good when they are interacting online.
  • One can access it anytime because you don’t have to plan to meet at a physical location.


  • Even though you are meeting someone physically, it is a stranger, so you must be careful about not revealing any sensitive information. The stranger could be a potential threat, and you wouldn’t know.
  • Because of the physical distance, you may not be able to experience the type of pleasure you were expecting. Virtual sex isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Try out hook up in San Diego and meet someone face to face if that makes you feel better.
  • Sometimes, scammers can use various platforms to get money out of you. So be careful about who you meet and on which platform.

Virtual sex, although an available option, must be practiced safely. There are various ways of doing so and here are a few tips to follow.

  • Set boundaries – People often exchange steamy messages and content when virtually engaging sexually. But it is best to set boundaries on what you want to do and not do. The pace at which you want to take things.
  • Pick the right platform – Choose the right platform when you are having virtual sex. It should give you privacy and stop others from accessing the platform while you are in action. Platforms like Zoom are used by many but so many uninvited people can enter. So, choose one place that is secure and has something like a password for you and your invitees alone.
  • Cover identifying features – The ID address and virtual information isn’t the only thing that can reveal your identity to strangers online. If you are using pictures or having a video call, then identifying features may reveal a lot about you. Steamy pictures or videos, that show a lot of your body can reveal tattoos, birthmarks or piercings to identify you. Also, any personal home decorations that are on pictures can reveal more than you intended to share so be careful.
  • Secure VPN – You can safeguard yourself and your information while surfing online by using a VPN. This is a good line of defense and helps protect personally identifiable information. It is simple to use and install.

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