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At this time many of the sports books in the US, both online and offline, are from UK companies with decades operating their software in the UK betting markets.

Many of the firms such as Entain, Flutter, Playtech, and other European brands such as Novomatic are responsible for the online sports betting software as well as land-based betting kiosks and software used by retail sports betting stores and casinos. William Hill was also a large British firm dominating much of the US sports betting market, although the brand is now under a US company in the form of Caesars Entertainment.

However, the US betting market is still leagues behind the UK in terms of markets available, betting offers, and live streams, which are all facilities UK sports betting fans have untapped access to. The question is, when will US legislation change or when will the platforms in the US catch up to the quality and diversity of the UK betting market?

The current online US betting market in the US is limited to 14 states while there are some states such as

Online Sports Betting States

In-Play sports betting is available at almost all UK online casinos and the services often come with a free live stream of the sport on the betting website. Players predominantly bet on soccer as it is the UK’s national game and the most popular by far. In-play offers allow players to place bets while the game is on. Players can bet on the next goal scorer, next throw, who will receive a yellow card next, which team will score next, and how long the ball will still be in play after the next kick or throw in.

On the other hand, sportsbooks in the US are still slightly behind the UK’s wide range of in-play markets as well as the huge number of sports streams available to members of these betting websites. Yet, the US market will surely improve because recently Connecticut approved online sports betting, making it 15 out of 50 states.

States with active mobile sports betting include Nevada, New Jersey, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Iowa, Oregon, Indiana, New Hampshire, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, Washington, D.C., and Tennessee. North Dakota and Connecticut online sports betting legislation has been approved and a regulatory framework is on the way! You can see the full breakdown here via an ESPN state-by-state US sports betting break down.  

UK Market Odds Manager Maturity

The UK market is so advanced that it currently has odds manager sites dedicated to giving sports betting fans a list of odds for each betting market. These odds show which sports books are offering the best odds at the time. Now each US state only has around 5 to 10 online sports books so bringing more odds manager sites to each state in the US market is surely something that should develop quickly.

These odds manage sites also give players the best bonus offers, enhanced odds, cash outs on winning bets before the game is over, and more. For example, odds boosts available at Oddsmanager give players the latest picks telling sports fans about the next big game, states, opinions, and news on top of up to date odds across multiple sportsbooks at their fingertips.

Record Incomes Should Result in More Investments Improving US Online Sports Betting

With more online sports betting sites approved, it may not be long before the US market picks up. Most of the states where online sports betting is legal are recording new record revenue and tax income every month. The market should develop into odds managers for each state and better markets as more online sports books come online in each state increasing the competition. We will then see more news such as the one here on theinscribermag telling players why it is safe to wager on certain teams.

To date, each state only has a small number of sports books, and when more open to serve the large US state markets, we will begin to see a more UK style US sports betting market!

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