It appears Rusev, the popular WWE wrestler may not be part of the wrestling promotion much longer.

According to multiple websites, the former United States Heavyweight Champion has removed all mention of the wrestling company from his social media accounts. The past 48 hours have been a whirlwind of sorts for the Bulgarian Brute.

Rusev, 33, was booked in a match with The Undertaker for WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble special on April 27 in Saudi Arabia. He has since been removed from the match.

Speculation has grown this week that he will be released from WWE. There has been no confirmation of that taking place, but rumors are growing stronger that this is eminent. Per SB Nation, Rusev and his wife Lana conducted an interview at TMZ in April 12, and the leader of the Rusev Day movement talked to little trash about The Dead Man.

Just hours after the interview was concluded, he was dropped from the match. He has since been replaced by Chris Jericho, one of the most popular performers in WWE history. No word if this signals another return for the six-time WWE world champion.

Rusev has since changed his profile picture on his Twitter account and has deleted references to his current employer from his profile.

Should WWE make the decision to release him, the company will lose one of its most “over” characters on the SmackDown Live roster. Rusev, who has been portrayed as a bad ass heel since his arrival in WWE, is still uber-popular with the fans and his “Rusev Day” movement like Daniel Bryan and the “Yes!” Movement, which is one of the best gimmicks to come along since Stone Cold Steve Austin His “What?” movement.

Also, if there is a change and Rusev leaves WWE, what does that do for his sidekick, Aiden English?

After removing all information if WWE from his social media accounts, Rusev sent out a tweet, stating “life is life… It will be #RusevDay somewhere.”


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