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World: Is Russia Entering Syria The Beginning Of The Next Global Conflict?

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With the recent entry of Russian troops into Syria, many in the Arab and Muslim world are seeing this as the beginning of the final war.

Russia came into Syria claiming that they were going to fight ISIS but in fact are helping ISIS by attacking it’s enemies, namely the Free Syrian Army, or the FSA for short.

Russia has also been accused of bombing refugee camps holding Sunni refugees and attacking cities that are Sunni strongholds and seen as opposition to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. This is in spite of the Russians stating that they believe the FSA should be allowed to partake in the political process.

In the past I have stated theories that ISIS benefited from weapons given to the FSA and that they split from them. As a result many people believe that ISIS was formed by the West indirectly. Upon further review, I now believe that ISIS fighters who split from the FSA were in fact spies for Assad.

ISIS has done a great job fighting against anyone opposed to Assad.

Iran has also send in Hezbollah to assist Assad in his fight against the FSA. The FSA is a group of Sunni freedom fighters that want to be able to live in peace in Syria without being killed for their religious beliefs. Assad as well as his father before him, were referred to as butchers due to their apparent bloodlust in killing Sunni Muslims.

The Iranian troops and Hezbollah has been seen going into Sunni villages and raping Sunni women and killing babies. The Russians are now targeting Sunni villages killing women and babies. They have also bombed Sunni refugee camps.

In fact, ISIS has only been targeted one time by Russian bombers.

Russian president Vladimir Putin was with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church and has stated that this was a ‘Holy War’ for Russia to liberate Christians in Syria. However, Syrian Christians have been seen fighting side by side with the FSA.

It is believed by Sunni Muslims that when the last war starts that the Western Christians will join the Sunni Muslims in a fight against the Shia who will be supported by Guj and Majuj. Russia is seen as one of the elements of Gij and Majuj and by the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church saying that this is a ‘Holy War’ it has caused many Muslims to declare a Jihad or struggle against Russia and Syria.

Thanks to both the United Kingdom and the United States condemning Russia for its actions in Syria—and most recently with them launching missiles into it, and hitting Iran instead—many people are exposing Russia for its hypocrisy. It seems that it will only be a matter of time before the West intervenes to help the FSA since we have openly said that we should be supporting them since day one.

The United States does not believe that Assad has legitimacy and believe that he should be replaced as leader of Syria. Russia wants Assad to stay as the leader because he has allowed the last Russian naval port outside of Russia to stay in Syria.

Saudi Arabia would like to place a pipeline across Syria to easily ship oil to Europe. Israel wants to keep sole control of the Golan Heights which is contested by Syria. Iran wants to support Assad because he is an Alawite and they are a Shia sect. As can be seen, Syria is very strategic for many people.

Other reasons that Syria is seen as the proverbial spark for a potential global conflict is Assad himself. He has his photos placed around Syria where his soldiers beat up Sunnis and made them prostrate towards Assad’s pictures after beating them.

The information that I used for this article has come from Arabic sources on the ground as well as Hadiths. I have monitored Arab reactions to the conflict since the beginning. As more information is made available I will update the situation.

In my opinion, as well as those in the Arab world, it is too late to put American boots in the ground, because if we did, it would no doubt result in WWIII and potentially the second coming of Armageddon.

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