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World: Is Russia Entering Syria The Beginning Of The Next Global Conflict?

With the recent entry of Russian troops into Syria, many in the Arab and Muslim world are seeing this as the beginning of the final war. Russia came into Syria claiming that they were going to fight ISIS but in fact are helping ISIS by attacking it’s enemies, namely the Free Syrian Army, or the FSA for short. Russia has also been accused of bombing refugee camps holding Sunni refugees
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Passport Revoked, Edward Snowden Seeks Asylum in Ecuador

Just days after issuing a warrant for the arrest and extradition of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, it appears he is now on the run attempting to gain asylum within a nation that has less than great relations with the United States: Ecuador. The U.S. Justice Department in an attempt to seal off all viable escape routes, have revoked Snowden's passport, and are highly angry at regions that have continued