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WWE: Breezango should be next in line for Smackdown Tag titles

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The tag team title picture on Smackdown for most of the summer have been consisted of the Usos and the New Day. While this feud has been interesting, I don’t see it going much longer. So, with that being said, there is one team who should be next in line.

The team of Fandango and Tyler Breeze, or also known as Breezango, should be the ones next in line for the Smackdown tag titles. I don’t see this happening by Summerslam, but I could see this happening by Hell in the Cell in October. Since we saw the end of American Alpha, the tag team scene on Smackdown has become rather thin. You have the Usos, New Day, Breezango, Ascension, and Hype Bros. I don’t see the Ascension getting into the title scene anytime soon and the Hype Bros are probably going to be done. So that would end up leaving Breezeango by process of elimination.

I am aware that Breezango was in a brief program with the Usos for the titles coming off of Wrestlemania, but the WWE didn’t want to put the belts on them for whatever reason. I simply do not understand why the WWE has this feeling about not putting the titles on their hottest act. Lets be honest about something with the New Day who currently hold the titles.

They are over enough with the WWE universe that they don’t need the titles. However, a team like Breezango could use the titles. It seems that since Tyler Breeze has been on the main roster, he hasn’t been given any push except for now. Yes they aren’t in the picture yet for the tag titles. However, by being on TV as often as they happen to be, the WWE sees money in them that they get a full segment a week to the Fashion Files.

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