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WWE Rumors: Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon having a Summerslam match


July 28, 2017

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We are only a few weeks away from the biggest party of the summer. While there are only a few confirmed matches for Summerslam, there are a ton of rumors about what the rest of the card could look like. One of the biggest rumors going on is Kevin Owens having a match against Smackdown commissioner, Shane McMahon.

As we saw on Smackdown this past Tuesday, Kevin Owens lost his United States title in a triple threat match to AJ Styles. The two are set to have the rematch on next weeks Smackdown. However, if the rumors are true that Owens and McMahon are going to have a Summerslam match, then I can’t see Owens winning back his US belt. There has been tension between the two in the last couple of weeks, so it makes sense to see these two in a match.

Shane McMahon’s last match occurred at Wrestlemania 33 when he opened the show against AJ Styles, so that could play a role in Shane’s feud with Owens. Due to how Shane McMahon only fights at the big four pay-per-views, I don’t see this feud going beyond Summerslam. What I am curious to see with this feud is how do you get the ball rolling with it on TV.

One theory that I had begins when Owens and Styles have their rematch. You can have a similar type of finish that we saw at Battleground. Owens hit Styles with the pop-up power bomb and bumps into the referee. Owens isn’t aware of it and goes for the pin. He thinks he has won back his US title and he starts to get pissed off. Another theory I had was Owens “cheats” to win back the belt, after he is awarded the belt we see Shane McMahon come down the ramp to restart the match. There are many ways that the WWE can go about doing this match.

This is a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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