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WWE: Don’t expect to see Rey Mysterio

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Rey Mysterio has not been in a WWE ring since 2015. Since he was let go by the WWE, Rey Mysterio has been in many Independent promotions. Its been reported for some time that since Rey Mysterio has been on the market, there have been two promotions interested in bringing him in.

It just so happens that the two are the WWE and GFW. It seemed that a reunion between Rey Mysterio and the WWE was almost certain to happen. However, it seems that the WWE has now come out in saying that they will be passing on bringing Mysterio back to the WWE. According to Sports Illustrated, the WWE has decided not to bring him back because of his current association with Konnan. I bet your asking yourself, “What happened between Konan and the WWE?”

Apparently while Konnan was with the WWE, they had a gimmick idea for him that they invested a lot of money into. He ended up refusing the gimmick and would continue to be involved in the Mexican wrestling scene. Since WWE is off the table, it is now more than certain that Rey Mysterio will probably sign with Global Force Wrestling. For starters, Konnan is apart of GFW and one of there more dominating factions in a long time, LAX.

In addition, Mysterio isn’t getting younger and with GFW taping once every two months, he won’t be on the road so often. When he was in the WWE, Mysterio was on the road for most of the year. Also GFW wins big time if Jeff Jarrett and company can pull this one off as they can push Mysterio as a big time star. While he was in the WWE, he was never pushed that much because of his size. Finally, adding Mysterio will help build some of the guys in the X Division or guys that they bring in from AAA.

To put it simple, the WWE still has a tough time with Konnan and don’t want to deal with him. This is shown with how they basically passed on Mysterio after having interest in him for a long time.

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