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WWE: Enzo Amore possibly being removed from RAW

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We saw the end of Enzo Amore and Big Cass prior to Great Balls of Fire. This was when Corey Graves ended up implying that Big Cass attacked Enzo Amore. Big Cass wouldn’t deny what he did and this started the heel run for Big Cass. The two of them then clashed at Great Balls of Fire in a squash match, sort of.

Since they broke up, it is clear as day that the WWE is behind Big Cass more than they are with Enzo Amore. However, now reports have been coming out that Enzo Amore may be getting moved from the RAW brand. The feeling behind the scenes is that Enzo Amore has a ton of heat with the people behind the scenes. At this point, there are three options for him. They are to get moved over to Smackdown, join 205 Live, or get sent back to NXT.

Let us first look at the NXT situation. If the WWE sends him back down, then there really isn’t hope for him as he will get eaten alive. The WWE has too many guys in line for the NXT title that Enzo isn’t even on page. There has been some talk about pushing him over to the 205 Live show. Only problem with that is some could look at that as a demotion. The addition of Enzo Amore to 205 Live would help give that show some star power, it wouldn’t do well for him. Which leaves Smackdown as the last option and the one I figure to see him go to.

By adding Enzo Amore to Smackdown, you can have him work with fresher people. In addition, due to how limited the roster is for Smackdown, one would probably think that they would use him the right way on Smackdown. I don’t see him in the main event scene right away, but I don’t see a problem with him being in the United States title picture.

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