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WWE: NXT Takeover Orlando Predictions and Preview

Now as far as the confirmed matches, let us look at the NXT Woman’s title match between Ember Moon and Asuka, who has yet to be pinned or submitted since she made her debut last year. For a while, I have been saying that I see the Takeover at Wrestlemania be where Asuka’s streak comes to an end. Also, it makes sense that its Ember Moon to be the one to do it as Asuka has beaten every other woman currently in NXT. The only two women who she hasn’t defeated yet is Ember Moon or Ruby Riot. So I predict Ember Moon will be the NXT Woman’s Champion

Winner: Ember Moon is your new NXT Woman’s Champion

The next one I want to look at is the NXT Tag titles match. This will be a triple threat match between Authors of Pain, The Revival, and #DIY. This match became apparent after the Authors of Pain dominated over #DIY at the Takeover San Antonio event. The Revival were added in because they feel that they deserved of another run with the tag titles. While the champions are at a disadvantage in this match as they could lose the titles without being pinned, I don’t see that being the case with this one. It is apparent that the Revival and #DIY are heading towards the main roster and Authors of Pain have bulldozed over every team that goes up against them. I see the Authors of Pain retaining here.

Winner: Authors of Pain retain the NXT Tag belts 

The next match I want to look at is from the debut of Tommy End who will be fighting Almas.  Since the last Takeover happened, we were seeing vignettes for the debut of Aliester Black (Tommy End). However, it was announced recently that he will be making his NXT debut against Almas. I found this interesting because I figured they would have had Aliester Black debut against Kassisus Ohno. However, I see Aliester Black winning here in a pretty convincing matter.

Winner: Aliester Black wins his debut match

The final match I will be looking at is the NXT Champion match between Nakamura and Bobby Roode. There have been rumors going around that Nakamura is also heading up to the main roster, so i find it unlikely to see him become a three time NXT Champion. I see this being a good match by two wrestlers who have been in this industry for many years.

Winner: Bobby Roode retains the NXT Champion 

So here are my predictions and preview for the upcoming takeover event on April 1st  from the Amway Center. We will provide reactions after Takeover and be on the lookout for the Inscriber Magazine’s Wrestlemania predicitions for the end of week.

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