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WWE Rumors: Sami Zayn could be getting a major push after Summerslam


July 28, 2017

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“The Underdog from the Underworld” could be in the title scene real soon.

There have been rumors going around that the WWE may be finally pushing Sami Zayn to the main event scene of Smackdown after Summerslam. Sami Zayn has been in the WWE since he signed with the company in 2013. While he was in NXT, he was one of the top guys. He had classic matches with the likes of Cesaro, Nevile, and Nakamura.

When he got the call up to the main roster prior to Wrestlemania 32, the feeling was that he would be pushed right to the top. However, it has not been like that for Sami Zayn. Since he has been on the main roster, he is been stuck in the mid-card area for a long time. He had a view opportunities for the Intercontinental title, but nothing major.  Right now he is feuding with Mike Kanellis which hasn’t been anything to write home about.

Personally, I am surprised that it has taken the WWE this long to push Sami Zayn. The kid has a ton of talent and potential that was shown in NXT. I could easily see him hold the WWE title heading into 2018. While I don’t think it will be a long run, it is one that is incredibly earned. Since he has been on the main roster, I feel that the WWE is trying to rekindle the fire they had with Daniel Bryan heading into Wrestlemania 30.

While it is a nice idea, I don’t feel it has worked out. I remember that build for Daniel Bryan heading into Wrestlemania 30 and that was special. It was organic and got over the WWE Universe perfectly. Sami Zayn does have the underdog mindset, but it is not like Daniel Bryan.

This is a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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