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When it was announced that Kurt Angle was returning to the WWE, WWE fans were hoping to see the former superstar in the ring. It seems that they could be seeing that sooner rather than later, just not with who people expected it to be. After Wrestlemania, Kurt Angle was announced as the new RAW General Manager. As ratings started to take a dip, the feeling was that the WWE was planning to do a match that would pit Kurt Angle and Triple H. However, it seems that those plans are now off the table. However, WWE might be planning to have Kurt Angle return to the ring and fight none other than the Miz. It is expected that the feud between the Miz and Angle should start showing seeds this Monday on Raw when the Miz is set to interview Angle’s son, Jason Jordan. According to the rumors, the Miz feud with Angle will almost be identical to the one he had over on Smackdown with General Manager Daniel Bryan. While the Miz was on Smackdown, he started to mimic a lot of Daniel Bryan’s moves. From what I read about this feud, it is expected that Jason Jordan will challenge the Miz for the IC title. He would then get pissed off and say something to the extent of ,” What did he do to deserve a shot at the title.” This will be then when Kurt Angle will get involved. It is expected that Jordan and Miz will feud for the IC title for a little bit. Then we could see Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle have matches against the Miz, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel. Once those happen, then we could get Angle to have a one-on-one match with the Miz. Personally, I am in favor of Jason Jordan going for the title. It seems that for most of 2017 we were getting the Miz against Dean Ambrose for the IC title. This is only a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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