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I hope this comes to fruition. As a fan of WWE, I am to a point where I’ve grown tired of the Enzo and Cass shtick. So when I read Aaron Bower’s piece on Bleacher Report about the potential case being made for the big man being the one who attacked his tag team partner, I about jumped through the computer screen.

The only question is whether WWE will take that kind of chance and break up what has been a pretty good thing since the two were called up to the main roster last year.

“It’s been a good run for Enzo Amore and Big Cass since they came to WWE’s main roster in April 2016,” writes Bower. “At a time when tag teams coming up from Full Sail University are not guaranteed to be successful—think The Vaudevillains and The Ascension—Amore and Cassady have been a fairly big hit among most fans.”

But as we all know, especially in professional wrestling, nothing lasts forever. And more importantly, if Cass is ever going to make it as a serious singles star, he must break free from the chains that a partnership with Enzo Amore brings to the ring.

The notion of Cass turning on Enzo, fresh off the news that Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa have now split, may be a bit premature. As my friend and colleague Jon Blayne pointed out, he doesn’t think this angle will prove Cass as the culprit.

“Out of the three big theories that have been presented on several wrestling sites, I see the Revival or the team of O’Neil and Crews as being the ones to orchestrate the attack. I can’t see it being Big Cass because I truthfully can’t see them breaking up two major tag teams on the RAW brand so close together. The WWE broke the team of Goldust and R-Truth last week. I am aware that the most memorable breakups are the ones that you don’t see coming. For example, you had the breakup of the Rockers and Mega Powers to name probably the two most memorable ones. Those are memorable because you didn’t expect them to happen.”

I on the other hand, think it can go down just like that.

Professional wrestling has long written storylines where tag team partners turn on each other.

Manny Fernandez turned on Jimmy Valiant.

Barry Windham turned on Lex Luger (I was there for that one).

Hulk Hogan turned on professional wrestling.

Bobby Roode turned on James Storm.

While Cass and Enzo as still neophytes in terms of their WWE experience, this has the makings of a solid storyline. Cass needs a push. His is a bit robotic in the ring and his mic skills are a bit underdeveloped. He could use a manager in his corner (are you listening, Paul Heyman?) and he might need a slight change to his gimmick.

I got one word for you in all of this – MONEY.

The angle of “Who attacked Enzo” will continue to be a mystery fans will take great interest in. But don’t be surprised at the end of the program, the big man is standing there telling his little buddy he doesn’t need him anymore. Cass moves on to challenge for the Intercontinental Title. Enzo moves on to 205 and WWE has created a lot more possibilities with a tried and true angle that always works.

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