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The wait is almost over! Season two of TNT’s hit original series Animal Kingdom is set to begin this Tuesday, May 30th. That means the Cody family will be back in action tomorrow night! That means more fun, more heists, and more action as the family begins their second chapter.

But with a new season comes plenty of questions. Season one ended with plenty of open threads. Some of those could be answered as soon as episode one. Then there will be a few that will be answered over the course of the season. And some, will not be answered this season at all.

So let’s get right into, shall we? Here are five questions fans will be asking heading into the second season of Animal Kingdom.

Will there be any repercussions from the murder Smurf committed to end season one?

To close out the first season, Smurf finally got the revenge she had been seeking. After hunting down Isaiah, a man from her past, Smurf killed the car salesman outside of his home. But as a result, there is a dead body sitting in the driveway that will surely bring the attention of the police.

My guess is that this is an arc that will have a slow burn. It will be touched upon in the season opener that the police are looking into the murder of Isaiah. Given Smurf likes to preach not taking any risks, it is a good bet that she took a number or precautions in getting rid of evidence. However, given the vengeful nature of the crime, there is a good bet that she could have overlooked something. So will the police eventually find their way onto the Cody’s doorstep? Only time will tell.

When will Baz find out the truth about Catherine’s murder?

In season one, Pope killed Catherine, Baz’s girlfriend. This was done by suffocating her while the two had sex. When Baz learned of Catherine’s disappearance, he went nuts. Smurf pointed the blame on Pope’s old cell mate, Vin. So Baz and Pope paid him a visit and kicked the crap out of him. Pope would end up letting Vin live, unbeknownst to Baz.

Eventually, Baz will find out the truth. The question is, when? The other day I wrote about how it should not be this season. Because once the truth is out, there will be an all-out war within the family. As a result, someone is likely to die. It is simply too soon to kill off either Pope or Baz. Could they drop the truth in the season two finale, setting up that war in season three?

Can the boys truly break free of Smurf’s control?

A big theme going into this season seems to be the boy’s desire to break free of Smurf and her control. We know Baz is all about having a say in things. Pope is sick of being told what to do. Deran feels he is always on the short end of things, getting the jobs no one wants. Craig tends to follow along with his brothers, as he too feels he is underappreciated.

But can all of Smurf’s sons truly find a way to become their own men? The desire was clearly there last season as well. Yet at the end of the day, they were all still one unit when it came to pulling off the big heist. If they do succeed in breaking free, will it be together, or separately? There are plenty of ways this angle can play out. With so many possibilities, it is hard to guess where the show is going when it comes to Smurf’s control of her sons.

Things are a little different when it comes to J. He seemed to buy into the family business at the end of season one. Smurf gave him a gun, and she seemed to finally pull him into her umbrella. But will he remain loyal, as he is still the newest member of the Cody clan? Nothing would surprise me given J’s tendencies in the first season.

Will Baz finally admit to being J’s father?

In season one, J spent several episodes wondering who his father truly was. He finally came to the conclusion that it was very likely Baz. According to Smurf, he was the only man that J’s mom truly loved. While he lived with the Cody’s as a member of the family, he is technically not blood. When J confronted Baz with the question, Baz did not give him the confirmation he sought.

That means we cannot officially say Baz is J’s father. Now, all signs point to that being the case. But we still need him to confirm it. Will that happen in season two?  If so, how will that change the family dynamics? Once the truth is out in the open, things will surely be different in the house.

How long before Smurf has Paul killed?

Paul wants his money. And he wants it in one lump sum. But Smurf made it clear to him that is not how things work. He was not too pleased with this proposition. Then Smurf dropped the bombshell that the Cody’s do not even have to pay him at all. Given he cannot say anything, as it would implicate him, he simply has no leverage in getting his money.

Something tells me Smurf will hold true on that threat. And Paul is not going to take it too lightly. He will continuely be showing up at the Cody house looking for his money. This will grow old for Smurf real quick. We know how cold blooded she can be. So if the show does indeed follow this path, it likely won’t take long before Smurf wants Paul gone for good.

What questions do you want answered this season on Animal Kingdom? Tell us in the comments!

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