When the WWE had the Cruiserweight Touranment last summer that saw TJ Perkins win the first CWC touranment, there was one superstar who was making his comeback with the WWE. It just so happened that one of the superstars in the CWC was Taijri. He was one of two wrestlers who had wrestled for the WWE before the CWC, the other one was Brian Kendrick.

Well, once the WWE started the crusierweight division in the fall of the 2016, they decided to bring Taijri on to the division. However, he had some other work he needed to finish up before he could fully go back to the WWE and we ended up not seeing him until late 2016. He had a few matches for the criserweight division before he got injured again and was placed on the shelf.

It is now being reported that he won’t be returning at all and instead will return to Japan. He cites that the WWE didn’t want to bring him back so fast because of his age. He happened to be one of the older wrestlers in the cruiserweight division. What I find interesting about the whole revival of the crusierweight division is how much it has fallen flat.

Unfortunately, when WCW had the crusierweight division back in the late 1990’s, they had guys like Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Brian Pillman, Dean Malenko, and others who would go on to have legendary careers in the WWE. The second run of this division has fallen flat as they really don’t have stars. Yes they have Nevile, but then the names go down hill from there. Also, I feel that with the WWE have the crusierweights on after Smackdown is also killing the division. You can not have any success when you have people leaving a venue after Smackdown.

The Wrestling Department of the Inscriber Magazine would like to wish Taijri luck in whatever he does back in Japan.

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