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WWE: The Big Show/Big Cass match at Summerslam has an odd twist

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As we also saw on RAW, General Manager Kurt Angle made it official as we will see Big Cass go up against the Big Show at Summerslam. However, there was also another thing added to the match that on paper makes no sense.

Big Cass requested that his former friend and partner, Enzo Amore, be locked in a shark cage and suspended above the ring during the match. This is the second time in 2017 that we are seeing a shark cage being suspended above the ring. During the Kevin Owens/Roman Reigns match at the Royal Rumble earlier this year, we saw Kevin Owens’ best friend Chris Jericho being suspended in a shark cage above the ring. the overall point of the shark cage is to keep the heel out of the match. Typically you see the manager or an associate going into.

It is very odd that the babyface is the one going into the shark cage. From the perspective of Big Cass it makes a little bit of sense. He has been annoyed that since he and Enzo Amore have broken up that Enzo continues to be thrown in his side. By suspending Amore above the ring, he doesn’t run into the problem of having Amore help Big Show.

I also hope that once Big Show puts Big Cass over that these two don’t continue to fight. Being that they are two big men, I don’t suspect that this will be a barn burner and more than likely will end up being on the kickoff show because no one really cares about this match. Big Cass is a future in this company and has the potential to be in the title picture at some point. Also, I suspect that Enzo Amore will be moved to Smackdown or NXT after Summerslam, so Big Cass wont have to worry about him afterwards.

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