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NJPW: Okada/Omega is probably the best non-WWE rivalry

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In the wrestling landscape, there are a few rivalries that stood the test of time. In the WWE, you had Austin/McMahon, Austin/Rock, Hogan/Savage, and so on. While there are a few feuds in the WWE that stood the test of time, there are even a very few selected rivalries where they stood the test of time.

One of the best non-WWE feuds going on is happening with New Japan Pro Wrestling. The two superstars I am talking about are Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada. The two superstars have had matches prior to the one that they will have on Saturday that have been great. In 2017, they first ended up colliding as the main event of Wrestle Kingdom 11. This ended up being the longest match in the history of the event and was a show stealer. It is safe to say that these two have great charisma together. Okada ended up winning the first round.

The second bout came a few months later and once again stole the show. It is very rare to see every match in a feud have the ability to out do the previous one and be five stars and higher. Just to put in perspective just how good the Omega/Okada feud has been, just look at the ratings that Dave Melzter has given them. Typically, he will rate a match on a scale of 0-5. However, for their first match at Wrestle Kingdom 11, he gave it six stars. When asked to explain why he gave such a high rating, Melzter said, ” Omega and Okada may have put on the best match in the history of wrestling.”

Okada and Omega are two superstars who are over with the wrestling fans and don’t need the machine to help them. Omega/Okada III is the finals for the B Block and the winner will face the winner of the finals of the A Block between Naito and Tanahashi. The winner of the G1 Climax will then go on to headline Wrestle Kingdom 12.

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