As the dust has settled from an eventful Money in the Bank last Sunday night, WWE is now turning its attention to Battleground. Between the matches from Money in the Bank, Raw the night after and from the way current storylines are heading, here is how I think the Pay Per View will play out as it’s the first PPV that is post draft.

Battleground match predictions, except for the World Heavyweight Championship because that was announced on Raw already.  (As I see it and these are not the final ones)

Natayla vs. Becky Lynch

  • After losing to Charlotte and Dana Brooke at Money in the Bank, Natayla turned on Becky Lynch and attacked her. It was reported from several wrestling sites that the original plans was Becky Lynch was going to turn heel. It is nice to see WWE allowing other talented women to have storylines that are not surrounded around the belt.

Apollo Crews vs. Sheamus

  • There first match came at Money in the Bank and Sheamus ended up getting the win, I expect these guys to fight again at Battleground with Apollo winning, and the feud coming to and end at Summerslam as Apollo will go over.

New Day vs. The Wyatts for the Tag Titles

  • After New Day retain the tag title at Money in the Bank and they continue their historical reign, they need a new team. Plug in the Wyatt Family as they returned to TV on Monday and the New Day interrupted there in ring promo.

John Cena vs. AJ Styles

  • This “Dream Match” had its first chapter at Money in the Bank and AJ got the surprising win. I expect John Cena to tie this feud up at Battleground which can lead to the rubber match at Summerslam. Here is where I figure AJ gets the win and finally John Cena would have put over someone. I also feel this is how WWE will do it because you are not going to want to have AJ Styles have loses at Wrestlemania and Summerslam.

Rusev vs. Titus O’Neil for the US Title

  • It is general for there to be a rematch between two people for a title even though Rusev won at Money in the Bank. I expect Rusev to go over again

The Miz vs. Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro for the Intercontinental Title

  • The Miz who currently holds the IC title has not been on TV for a few weeks because he is filming a movie, but he should be back soon. Since Cesaro and Zayn failed to win the MITB briefcase and you are going to need the Miz to have something. So it makes sense to do this match.

The Club vs. Enzo and Big Cass

  • With the New Day being involved with the Wyatt Family, these two teams can go up against themselves. I could see the winning team being put into the title picture heading into Summerslam and Night of Champions

Charlotte vs. Paige vs. Sasha Banks vs Dana Brooke in a fatal four way elimination match for the woman’s title

  • Sasha Banks returned to action on Monday night after b eing out for a few months, Paige has had a few matches against the Charlotte, and I feel they should break up Dana Brooke with Charlotte. I could see Dana being eliminated first, Sasha Banks then gets eliminated, then Paige gets eliminated.

These are just my predictions of how Battleground can play out, Obviously WWE has been known to pull fast ones. But there is also another big thing that WWE is heading towards which is the WWE Draft that is occurring on July 19,2016 at 8pm eastern on the first live Smackdown. As of this writing, it is not known as far as who will be in charge of both brands, who gets the first pick, and what impact if any will NXT receive from this. I have been watching NXT for the last several months and I have been noticing how certain stars are being pushed now while others who are at the top are losing and putting over the newer talent.

Some possible names of call ups from NXT are Finn Balor (Former NXT Champion), Bayley (Former NXT Woman’s Champion), Alexa Bliss, Blake, Buddy Murphy, and a few others. There are some pros and cons that come from a brand split. Some Pros are Lighter load on the wrestlers, better usage of mid card talent, clearer title picture, and others.

With the lighter load, I found an interesting statistic: In 2015, Roman Reigns wrestled 213 matches and Dean Ambrose wrestled 218 matches. This happened because they would wrestle for Raw and Smackdown and then would do house shows the week.

There are however some cons that are a thin roster, NXT will take a hit, and story lines will fall flat.

Overall, this brand split will be interesting to see for several reasons that range from how long will this last for to hopefully not having feuds that are mismatched. Another thing that comes from this is there will be 2 pay per views a month bringing the total from 12 to 18 a year. The biggest question that is being brought up is it almost too much wrestling. Essentially, WWE is putting more of a monopoly on the wrestling industry because it is telling people don’t watch anything else but our material. weeks WWE has a PPV they can have as much as 11 hours worth of live material in 3 days.